10 Best Lamb of God Songs

Epic Records The best Lamb of God songs are powered by their potent deep grooves. Not since Pantera, their fellow Southerners, has a band focused so much on power grooves. Those are what give a song depth and catchiness, not to mention muscle. Power grooves and supreme guitar prowess are certainly the hallmarks of this Virginia band's sound, as are the gritty, venomous vocals of frontman Randy Blythe. For all the fury present in LOG's sound, there's also an intelligence and attention to detail when it comes to the art of songcraft. Plus, you walk away remembering the melodies. The band formerly known as Burn the Priest has released six studio albums under the LOG moniker and they are as consistent as they are brutal. We have sifted through the band's entire cataLOG and have selected our picks for the 10 Best Lamb of God Songs. ? 10 'Ghost Walking' From: 'Resolution' (2012) ? ? 'Ghost Walking' is a textbook example of what's entirely familiar about Lamb of God at this point: rolling riffs, Meshuggah-meets-Pantera grooves and throaty, growled vocals. It's a chunky track with cajones that hang to the floor. From the first power riff, you know it's Lamb of God, from the tone and style. That's how you know they are one of the most important bands in metal – when they are identifiable by a few notes, chords or riffs. Listen to 'Ghost Walking' ? ? 9 'Set to Fail' From: 'Wrath' (2009) ? ? The fast and chunky 'Wrath' track 'Set to Fail' has a bit of hardcore energy coursing through its veins. Drummer Chris Adler's hand and footwork is particularly intense and impressive, as he smashes away at his instrument, infusing his percussion with passion in a way that would make Animal from The Muppets proud. It's a faster than what we'd normally expect from Lamb of God, but they certainly pull it off with poise. Even though the band feels the need for speed here, they never pull up the emergency brake on the groove. That's why it's one of the 10 Best Lamb of God songs. Listen to 'Set to Fail' ? ? 8 'As the Palaces Burn' From: 'As the Palaces Burn' (2003) ? ? Much like 'Ruin' from the same album, the title track from their 2003 release 'As the Palaces Burn' demonstrates a command of their instruments and of their grooves. Power grooves were perfected by Pantera, but Lamb of God came along and injected them with a bit of Swedish tech metal influence. Who knew that a pack of rednecks from below the Maison-Dixon line could cull so much inspiration from Scandinavia? They did, and the result is their own unique sound, as evidenced by 'As the Palaces Burn.' Listen to 'As the Palaces Burn' ? ? 7 'Walk With Me in Hell' From: 'Sacrament' (2006) ? ? Everything about the song 'Walk With Me in Hell' is devastating. It's a true LOG signature that inspires headbanging in even the stiffest wallflower. The song's layers upon layers of tension leap out of the speakers and will cause the kind of headbanging that leaves you with broken blood vessels in your neck and a massive migraine. Blythe also sounds like he scaled the bowels of Hades to spit lyrical venom … right into your ear. Listen to 'Walk With Me in Hell' ? ? 6 '11th Hour' From: 'As the Palaces Burn' (2003) ? ? Another quality, well-constructed song from 'As the Palaces Burn,' the track '11th Hour' is also a fan favorite. It's speeding-bullet fast and crunchy, with plenty of the requisite groove. It's nastier than a street fight, and that's why '11th Hour' is one of the 10 Best Lamb of God songs. When you get to the 56-second mark, you can imagine fingers running up and down a fretboard, as the song exemplifies the vivid playing of axemen Mark Morton and Willie Adler. Listen to '11th Hour' ? ? 5 'Laid to Rest' From: 'Ashes of the Wake' (2004) ? ? Despite being a steel-toe-to-the-teeth brutal song, 'Laid to Rest' is one of the 10 Best Lamb of God songs because, like many key songs in their catalog and on this list, it manages to thread a potent, unforgettable melody through all the maelstrom. The bluster is tempered by memorable melodic parts and singalongs. When Blythe dutifully barks, “Destroy yourself / See who gives a f—,” and guitarists Morton and Adler roll in like soldiers on tanks firing away with machine gun riffage, it knocks the wind out of you. Listen to 'Laid to Rest' ? ? 4 'Ruin' From: 'As the Palaces' Burn' (2003) ? ? Lamb of God were all fists and fury on their 2000 debut. They maintained the pace and they aggression on the followup, but there was a certain level of polish and maturity to songs like 'Ruin,' which meshed this Meshuggah-like technical prowess with that deep-fried, Southern groove, which picked is why they are largely considered to have picked up where the mighty. Pantera left off. The pupils transitioned to teacher on this song, which is one of Lamb of God's best. Listen to 'Ruin' ? ? 3 'Redneck' From: 'Sacrament' (2006) ? ? Being that Lamb of God are from Virginia, they wear their “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God” pride like a badge of honor. 'Redneck' is a bit of a salute to their heritage, in addition to being a blistering, groove-centered jam. It also earned them a much-deserved Grammy nomination. When Blythe snarls, “This is a motherf—ing invitation,” most fans take it as encouragement to mosh. The band, also known for asking fans to erect the “Wall of Death” in their moshpits, where the crowd splits and then runs at one another, 'Braveheart'-style on the count of three, perfected its formula here. Listen to 'Redneck' ? ? 2 'Black Label' From: 'New American Gospel' (2000) ? ? The accelerating opening riff, which repeats throughout the song, and the tin can drumming are easily the most recognizable elements of 'Black Label.' And that riff? Well, it's one of the most definitive in the entire Lamb of God song collection and one of the most memorable in metal as a whole. It's easily one of the 10 Best Lamb of God songs because it's as distinct as DNA. Devastatingly heavy sums it up. Listen to 'Black Label' ? ? 1 'Now You've Got Something To Die For' From: 'Ashes of the Wake' (2004) ? ? 'Now You've Got Something To Die For' has risen to be one of the most recognized and loved songs in the entire cataLOG. It features everything that fans love: power grooves, Blythe's “I gargled with whisky and razor blades” vocal viciousness and ticking time bomb percussion. It has a deeper message, lyrically speaking, and it's delivered in a way that demands your attention. It's also hooky as hell. It truly defines what Lamb of God are, where they've been and where they are going. Listen to 'Now You've Got Something to Die For' ? ? What is Your Favorite Lamb of God Song? Now that you've seen our choices for the 10 Best Lamb of God songs, we're inviting you to tell us your favorites. Did we miss your top track? Or do we have the same exact taste when it comes to LOG songs? Now is your chance to share your thoughts and opinions on the best songs by these metal titans. ?

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10 Best Lamb of God Songs

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