10 Best Songs for the MLB Playoffs

Adam Bettcher / Ethan Miller (2) Getty Images Major League Baseball's regular season has ended, which means it's time for us to count down the 10 Best Songs for the MLB Playoffs. Though we're fairly confident the teams participating in the postseason know what they're doing, they could definitely find some baseball wisdom in the lyrics of some top rockers. The songs on our list address themes like pressure, dealing with the spotlight, and the threat that everything you've worked for could be gone in an instant — traits that rockers and baseball players both share. So step up to the plate, take your swings, and let us know what you think of our list of the 10 Best Songs for the MLB Playoffs: ? 10 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' Green Day ? ? From: 'American Idiot' (2005) A 162-game baseball is hard to keep up with, even for the most diehard of baseball fans. Unless your team is in it to win it, the latter half of the season may find your attention waning. That being said, Green Day has the perfect song for the baseball playoffs – 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' – because even if your team has long since been eliminated, playoff baseball has the drama you've been craving all season long. Listen to 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' ? ? 9 'The Clincher' Chevelle ? ? From: 'This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)' (2005) The baseball season is over for most, with some teams just missing out on the playoffs. For those on the outside looking in, we give you Chevelle's 'The Clincher.' This Chevelle line tells the fate of the poor teams who missed out by a game or two: “ Could we have known, never would I have helped to nail down / With nothing to gain, here's the clincher, this should be you. ” Mighty cold thought, Chevelle, for an awfully long winter! Listen to 'The Clincher' ? ? 8 'Alive' Pearl Jam ? ? From: 'Ten' (1991) If you weren't ready for the MLB Playoffs, then Pearl Jam's siren-like guitar opening to 'Alive' should get you going. It's tough enough to make it through 162 games and being one of 10 left at a chance at winning it all. But with each playoff game, you're either closer to elimination or being the one team left standing. So if your team is still left playing, sing it with Pearl Jam: “ Hey I, oh, I'm still alive .” Listen to 'Alive' ? ? 7 'Never Too Late' Three Days Grace ? ? From: 'One-X' (2007) While the subject matter of Three Days Grace's 'Never Too Late' is somewhat darker, lyrics like, “ Now and again, we try to just stay alive / Maybe we'll turn it all around / Cause it's not too late, it's never too late ” can just as easily fit a team battling to keep their season going one more game by staging a late game rally. So turn those caps inside out or whatever your ritual may be and crank up some Three Days Grace when you're in need of runs. Listen to 'Never Too Late' ? ? 6 'Bat Country' Avenged Sevenfold ? ? From: 'City of Evil' (2005) Come on. You knew there was no way we would pass on a song called 'Bat Country' for our 10 Best Songs for the MLB Playoffs. That being said, the song itself doesn't really address baseball bats. But a slumping batter can definitely identify with the lyrics, “ My confidence is leaving me on my own / No one can save me and you know I don't want the attention. “ Listen to 'Bat Country' ? ? 5 'Hit That' The Offspring ? ? From: 'Splinter' (2003) “ The winds of fortune, don't blow the same ,” state The Offspring in their 2003 song 'Hit That.' Sounds like some pretty sage October baseball wisdom to us. Of course it would help if the teams would take their advice from the chorus of the song, which states, “ I know you wanna hit that .” Swing away guys! Listen to 'Hit That' ? ? 4 'Home Sweet Home' Motley Crue ? ? From: 'Theatre of Pain' (1985) Motley Crue easily has one of the 10 Best Songs for the MLB Playoffs. The song we chose – 'Home Sweet Home' – is aimed at one particular audience – the third base coach. You can just see that runner chugging around second as a ball hits the gap and singer Vince Neil perfectly sets the scene: “ I'm on my way. Just set me free. Home Sweet Home ” But will the coach send the runner home or hold him at third? Listen to 'Home Sweet Home' ? ? 3 'Still Swingin'' Papa Roach ? ? From: 'The Connection' (2012) Is there a band that brings the adrenaline like Papa Roach? They fire it up once again with 'Still Swingin',' a track that starts off with the lyrics, “ I'm the one stepping up / Spit the fire I'll back it up / Count me in, I'll turn it out / I'm killin' it, you're burnin' out .” And what better time is there to step up that the baseball playoffs? Just like P-Roach says, “ We've been here from the start. We are the ones still swingin' ,” and that definitely fits the teams left in contention. Listen to 'Still Swingin'' ? ? 2 'Walk' Pantera ? ? From: 'Vulgar Display of Power' (1992) They say in baseball that a walk is as good as a hit, but for Pantera that's an understatement. While a walk is one of baseball's most boring plays, the song 'Walk' is one of the most iconic metal songs laid to tape. When it comes down to it, most pitchers want nothing to do with the game's best hitters, and Phil Anselmo 's delivery of “ Re-Spect! Walk! ” is the perfect line for the slugger who gets a free pass. However, if you like your bases on balls with a little less testosterone, there's always the Foo Fighters hit by the same name. Listen to 'Walk' ? ? 1 'Man in the Box' Alice in Chains ? ? From: 'Facelift' (1991) When it comes to the No. 1 song for the MLB playoffs, you need a World Series-contending tune. And Alice in Chains' 'Man in the Box' is just that. All the action happens when there's someone in the batter's box, with the pressure lying on the hitter to produce for his team. But hey Mr. Man in the Box, don't get too close! Cause all it takes is one high hard inside pitch, and you'll be quoting the song: “ Feed my eyes / can you sew them shut? ” On that note, enjoy the MLB postseason! Listen to 'Man in the Box' ? ? What Songs Are The Best For The Baseball Playoffs? Here's your chance to step up to the plate. Make your pitch and let us know which tracks deserved to be picked off and which choices were definitely a home run. Also tell us what songs you think should be on this list that we missed in the comments section below. ?

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