As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Offers Personalized Incentives to Fund Austrian Death Machine Album

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire It’s becoming more commonplace for musicians to ask for a little financial help for their passion projects that have a smaller profile than their main bands, and As I Lay Dying ‘s Tim Lambesis is doing just that for his Austrian Death Machine project. The band, which is a hard-hitting rock outfit loosely based around the theme of Arnold Schwarzenegger catch phrases and films, is about to start work on its third disc, ‘Triple Brutal,’ and Lambesis has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund it. Much like other websites used to fund such projects, Lambesis has offered a number of incentives to get fans to donate in order to complete the new album. The frontman says, “The past couple years of my life have been really busy with As I Lay Dying tours, kids, and life in general. While I’ve always wanted to do a third Austrian Death Machine record, it became harder and harder to justify the time. I have however found enough time and made it a priority to get in better shape. Maybe it’s partly because of that, but for whatever reason, a huge percentage of fans started asking me for a new ADM record on the last couple tours … I’m launching this campaign because I believe these are all things that you guys want, and if that’s the case — it justifies leaving the rest of my life unorganized for a while when I focus on Austrian Death Machine.” Lambesis had some fun coming up with the campaign incentives, with two people having the chance to have their initials tattooed on his butt and then enjoying dinner with him after to celebrate. That’s the high-end prize, going for a $5,000 donation. Some of the other lesser cost but still entertaining offers include the chance to punch Tim in the abs as hard as you can. That goes for $99 and he must be fairly confident in his body as he’s offered 33 opportunities for people to receive that option. There’s also 15 opportunities at $500 a pop where Lambesis will serve as your personal trainer for a month. You could also have the singer wear a shirt with your photo on it at shows. That goes for $250. Smaller priced items include early digital downloads, exclusive digipacks, signed vinyl copies of the new ‘Triple Brutal’ record, t-shirt and CD bundles and a ‘Triple Brutal’ pack that comes with the digipack, a workout book and an eating plan designed by Lambesis. To see all the donation options, visit Austrian Death Machine’s Indiegogo campaign here . He’s seeking to reach $63,000 raised with 45 days still left in the campaign. He adds that if he exceeds the goal, the remaining money will be used to fund a ‘Triple Brutal TerminaTour.’ [button href=”” title=”Next: As I Lay Dying Voted Loudwire’s 2012 Metal Band of the Year” align=”center”]

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As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Offers Personalized Incentives to Fund Austrian Death Machine Album

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