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Mary Ouellette, Kid Rock has enjoyed a fruitful career that’s seen him enjoy success not only as a rock act, but also stepping into the worlds of hip-hop, country and pop just as easily. There’s no disagreeing that it’s hard to pin down the musician to just one genre, but some of his best songs have been rocking numbers. In this Loudwire Readers Poll, we’re asking you to determine Kid Rock’s best song. His ‘Devil Without a Cause’ album seems like a good place to start, with ‘I Am the Bullgod’ giving him some of his first radio play. That followed with a string of hits that included ‘Bawitdaba,’ ‘Cowboy’ and the rock ballad, ‘Only God Knows Why.’ After breaking big, the singer issued ‘The History of Rock’ detailing some of his earlier work and ‘American Bad Ass’ proved to be the disc’s breakout hit. Kid Rock’s ‘Cocky’ album led off with the single ‘Forever,’ followed by ‘Lonely Road of Faith’ and the crossover duet with Sheryl Crow on ‘Picture.’ The singer’s self-titled set spawned the hit song ‘Jackson, Mississippi,’ and Rock enjoyed a commercial rebound with the ‘Rock N Roll Jesus’ album, which gave us the hard-hitting ‘So Hott’ and the Lynyrd Skynyrd -influenced ‘All Summer Long,’ as well as ‘Amen.’ Rock went a little more message-oriented for the title track of the ‘Born Free’ album. That disc also spawned the college football theme song, ‘God Bless Saturday.’ And finally, the musician issued his ‘Rebel Soul’ album late last year, with ‘Let’s Ride’ being the first track to enjoy some airplay. So there you have it — 15 of Kid Rock’s most popular to choose from. Tell us which track is Kid Rock’s best song in the Loudwire Readers Poll below. Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”” title=”Previous Readers Poll: Best Rob Zombie Album” align=”center”]

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Best Kid Rock Song – Readers Poll

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