Between the Buried and Me Escape Bus Fire in England

Speakeasy PR Between the Buried and Me are doing okay after undergoing a somewhat scary bus fire en route to a show in England. Luckily there were no injuries and the band was able to escape the bus unscathed. Tour manager Courtney Warner says, “As of now, we are at a service area awaiting transportation to a hotel. A new bus is on its way. We shouldn’t miss any shows because of this. All gear, luggage, personal items and most importantly, people, are all good. We just stink like smoke.” Guitarist Paul Waggoner adds, “Fuel line done broke. Dadgum flame come shootin out. Peeewwww eeehhhhh sometin’ stank. Crazy British feller come hollerin, ‘Bus on fire, ya’ll git.’ Climb up the ol’ hill barefoot and look back at them flames shootin sky high. Firemen folk come rushin up real quick like and squirt that fire plum out. It was lucky nobody was hurt, not even a stubbed toe. Luggage stank like a Mississippi cow pie on a mid-July heat. Hopefull, come tomorra, a new horse n’ buggy come. We’ll giddy on up to Belgium town for a good ol’ fashioned hootnanny. Whoo-Doggies!!!” The bus fire comes as the band is in the midst of an overseas trek promoting their ‘ The Parallax II: Future Sequence ‘ album. The band is currently trekking across Europe with Periphery and the Safety Fire, with their next show coming tomorrow night (Oct. 10) in Antwerp, Germany. The band will return stateside Nov. 4 for Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, before once again packing up and heading overseas for dates in Japan, Australia and New Zealand to finish out the year. [button href=”” title=”Next: Between the Buried and Me – Top 21st Century Metal Songs” align=”center”]

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Between the Buried and Me Escape Bus Fire in England

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