Cannibal Corpse Gearing Up To Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary in 2013

JSR Direct Cannibal Corpse  have been delivering death metal to the masses since 1988, which means that 2013 will mark the band’s 25th anniversary. The group just wrapped up their 2012 activity by completing the ‘Torture Tour’ last week and now will focus on celebrating a quarter century as a band next year. In addition to the year-ending ‘Torture Tour,’ the band spent 2012 on the road as part of the Summer Slaughter trek while promoting their ‘Torture’ album. The band’s 12th studio album arrived back in March and they’ll continue promoting the disc into 2013. With the 25th anniversary upon them, the band just issued a Facebook update discussing the newly created merchandise items that will feature logos marking the occasion. The posting reads as follows: Next year marks our 25th year as a band and we are going to celebrate it all year long! Keep an eye out for special releases, new merch designs and announcements! For now you can check out our 25th anniversary logo which will appear as a sleeve print on all our merch printed in 2013, you can pre order shirts with this print NOW along with our 2013 CALENDAR that features the uncensored Vince Locke art from our 12 releases and marks all of our release dates, birthdays, our favorite horror film release dates and more! Everything can be found here . We never would have made it 25 years without all you die hard fans, get your horns up and blast your Corpse records all year! Expect to hear more about Cannibal Corpse’s 2013 25th anniversary plans in the coming weeks. [button href=”” title=”Next: Paul Mazurkiewicz Discuses Cannibal Corpse’s Evolution” align=”center”]

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Cannibal Corpse Gearing Up To Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary in 2013

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