Courtney Love Denies Claim She Is Working on a Nirvana Musical

Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images During a recent testimony at his trial against Britney Spears, music industry manager Sam Lufti stated that he was working with Courtney Love to create a film or musical about Love’s life with her late husband Kurt Cobain , featuring the music of Nirvana . Despite Lufti’s claim, Love has just stated that there will be no such project. We reported on the possible project on Oct. 25, but as reported by The Guardian on Nov. 4, Love told the publication, “There will be no musical. Sometimes it’s best to just leave things alone.” The Hole frontwoman and ‘The People vs. Larry Flynt’ actress went on to speak about using Nirvana’s music for commercial purposes. “I said yes once – to Baz Luhrmann to use eight seconds of Smells Like Teen Spirit in Moulin Rouge. But he wasn’t allowed to use it in the marketing. I didn’t get the part in the film. I was so pissed off I made up the term to ‘Baz’ somebody.” Love has publicly condemned the use of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by ‘The Muppets.’ “What the f—’s with ‘the Muppets?” begins Love. “I happen to like Elmo and I think the Cookie Monster is interesting but I know him [Kurt] and I know he didn’t want to be a Muppet. It was a disgrace. Like pissing on a grave.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Frances Bean Cobain Claims Intruder Out to Kill Fiance” align=”center”]

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Courtney Love Denies Claim She Is Working on a Nirvana Musical

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