Creed’s Scott Stapp Expresses Disappointment With Obama Administration

Ethan Miller, Getty Images Creed vocalist Scott Stapp is among those voicing his political concerns as the presidential race heats up. The singer says that while he was fully behind Barack Obama in 2008, he’s not exactly thrilled with what he’s seen from our current leader. Speaking on the Fox & Friends television show (see video below), Stapp revealed that he was “disappointed” by Obama, whom he claims “made a lot of promises, but no real delivery.” Sharing his thoughts on which way he’s leaning these days, Stapp said, “My heart and soul would really want someone like Reagan or FDR to come back and give us a New Deal. Be bold, be committed, don’t care what anybody thinks.” He also stated that we need someone who can lead us out of the current recession and that he’s looking for a strong decision maker to emerge during the debates. The vocalist said that while he backed Obama previously, he’s a little more hesitant this time. “For me, it’s hard to commit and to trust President Obama again because I was so inspired and thought everything was going to change,” says Stapp. “I know he walked into a tough situation, but I feel change is in the air.” In addition to talking politics, Stapp is making the rounds this week to promote his new book, ‘ Sinner’s Creed ,’ which shares his life story. [button href=”” title=”Next: Creed: Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”] Watch Scott Stapp Share His Disappointment With President Obama

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Creed’s Scott Stapp Expresses Disappointment With Obama Administration

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