Dave Mustaine-Designed Jackson Y2KV Guitar Auctioned for $11K

eBay There are definitely some avid Dave Mustaine fans out there and one of them just shelled out just over $11,000 to own an ultra rare prototype Jackson Y2KV guitar that was specifically created for the Megadeth leader. Mustaine signed off on the design and it was delivered to him on Dec. 23, 1998. The guitarist was proud enough of the instrument to pose with it on the cover of Guitar magazine in 1999. The magazine photo, along with the original guitar order form and snapshots of the instrument, can be viewed at the eBay auction site here . This was the first guitar with the final 3+3 Y2KV head and was branded with the Jackson logo on the headstock. It features dot inlays, a rosewood fingerboard, alternate knobs and a blade switch. While the body shape wasn’t quite finalized, this was the first approved prototype by Mustaine, used as a reference for the final prototype. The guitar comes with Seymour Duncan JB-TB bridge and JB SH-4 neck pickups and well as a Tune-o-Matic string through body bridge and Schaller tuners. The Megadeth frontman designed the guitar as his vision of a less-aggressive, retro-looking flying V, which was a bit of a contrast to his usual King V that he was playing at the time. The guitar was primarily used during the support of the ‘Risk’ and ‘The World Needs a Hero’ records. The winning bidder, who submitted an $11,300 bid, will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity in return for their payment. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/megadeth-dave-mustaine-funds-haitian-soup-kitchen-christian-ministry/” title=”Next: Dave Mustaine Helps Fund Haitian Soup Kitchen” align=”center”]

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Dave Mustaine-Designed Jackson Y2KV Guitar Auctioned for $11K

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