David Draiman Explains Disturbed Hiatus, Produces New Trivium Album

Ethan Miller, Getty Images David Draiman is an incredibly busy man at the moment. Along with creating the debut album for his new industrial band  Device , the vocalist is currently in the studio with Trivium to help produce the metal band’s next album. Draiman also recently gave an update about the on-hiatus Disturbed , revealing, “The beast certainly is not dead — it’s just sleeping for a little while.” During an interview with Artisan News  (watch below), Draiman spoke about the relationships he shares with his Disturbed bandmates and stresses that personal differences were not a factor in the band’s hiatus. “We’re all on great terms and we continue to have a very, very huge mutual respect and admiration for another; we check in on each other’s families,” Draiman says. “This was not a hiatus that was brought about by bad blood, this was not a hiatus that was brought about by any sort of legality or for me to decide to start a family or any of the rest of the nonsense that gets thrown out there. All the rest of the guys have families and we’ve been touring on the road with them the entire damn time. So one has nothing to do with the other.” Disturbed’s John Moyer is currently lending his talents to Adrenaline Mob, while Draiman reveals that guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren may be working on a side project of their own. As mentioned, when not working on the upcoming debut album from Device, Draiman is also producing the next Trivium record. Draiman’s gig behind the soundboard was revealed by Metal Injection after photos of Draiman in the studio with Trivium were posted by the band. After Metal Injection asked, “Is David Draiman producing your new album?” Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto responded, “Yes sir, we just started pre pro in Austin.” Stay tuned for more news on Disturbed, Device, Trivium and all things David Draiman. David Draiman Talks Disturbed Hiatus [button href=”http://loudwire.com/david-draiman-device-debut-album-release-date/” title=”Next: Device Announce Release Date of Debut Album” align=”center”]

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David Draiman Explains Disturbed Hiatus, Produces New Trivium Album

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