Duff McKagan Regrets Not Receiving Royalties from ‘The Simpsons’ Beverage Duff Beer

Fox Last year, former Guns N’ Roses and current Velvet Revolver / Loaded bassist Duff McKagan revealed in his autobiography, ‘It’s So Easy: And Other Lies,’ that the iconic ‘Simpsons’ animated beverage Duff Beer was named after him. McKagan happily agreed for ‘The Simpsons’ to use his name, but now the bassist has admitted that he regrets not cashing in on the opportunity. McKagan writes in the book, “When Guns N’ Roses began to break into the public consciousness, I was known as a big drinker. A production company working on a new animated series called me to ask if they could use the name “Duff” for a brand of beer in the show. I laughed and said of course, no problem. The whole thing sounded like a low-rent art project or something — I mean, who made cartoons for adults? Little did I know that the show would become ‘The Simpsons’ and that within a few years I would start to see Duff Beer glasses and gear everywhere we toured.” Back when the young bassist gave the residents of Springfield permission to drink his namesake brew, McKagan admits that he wasn’t as business-minded as he should have been. “I knew nothing about branding yourself then or the royalties off it,” McKagan tells British newspaper The Independent . “I just thought cool, they wanna use my name and boom, ‘The Simpsons’ was born. Yeah, if I had a nickel for every time…but it’s fine.” Duff McKagan’s Loaded are set to perform a handful of dates in the coming months, including a Sunset Strip show with Social Distortion and some 2013 Soundwave Festival dates throughout Australia. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/duff-mckagan-advice-band-survival-the-road/” title=”Duff McKagan Offers Advice For Surviving a Tour” align=”center”]

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Duff McKagan Regrets Not Receiving Royalties from ‘The Simpsons’ Beverage Duff Beer

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