Fire at Ozzy Osbourne Home Possibly Extinguishes $12 Million Sale to Pop Star Jessica Simpson

Kevin Winter / Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were recently the victims of a fire at their Beverly Hills home after forgetting to put out a candle before going to bed, but according to new sources, the ‘Prince of Darkness’ and his wife were not the only ones affected by the blaze. Pop singer Jessica Simpson was reportedly interested in buying the Osbourne’s house for $12 million, but since the fire, Simpson apparently has reconsidered. As we reported recently, early in the morning on Jan. 17, a candle within a glass vase exploded in the Osbourne’s home, causing a small fire which left Ozzy with singed hair, no eyebrows, minor burns to his face and a setback to an existing hand injury. Sharon described the fire on her TV show ‘The Talk’ the very same day it occurred, characterizing her and Ozzy’s attempt to put out the fire as something out of ‘The Three Stooges.’ In an interesting addition to the story, Jessica Simpson, who was contemplating buying the Osbourne’s home, is now having second thoughts. An unnamed source reportedly offered a myriad of quotes to RadarOnline : When Jessica and Eric heard about the fire they were as equally as disappointed as the Osbournes. They were planning on making an offer on the mansion somewhere in the region of $12 million, because they felt it was the perfect family home. Now, they’re going to have to assess the damage before committing, even though they heard it is pretty minimal. Jessica does have her sights set on the property but she is now looking elsewhere. She’s also a believer in fate and is wondering if the fire was a sign that she shouldn’t buy it and wait for something else to come on the market. It’s a shame for Sharon and Ozzy – they were ready to sell. In the meantime. Ozzy is set to release a new album with his legendary band  Black Sabbath . After months of suspense, the metal godfathers confirmed that they will be releasing a new album, ’13,’ in June of this year. Click below for more details: [button href=”” title=”Black Sabbath to Release New Album ’13’ in June” align=”center”]

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Fire at Ozzy Osbourne Home Possibly Extinguishes $12 Million Sale to Pop Star Jessica Simpson

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