Fozzy Debut ‘Evil Dead’-Inspired Video for ‘Sandpaper’

Century Media Records After a lengthy wait and a mound of paperwork completed, Fozzy have finally released their ‘Evil Dead’-inspired music video for ‘Sandpaper.’ For both fans of the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise and Fozzy, the video will not disappoint, paying tribute to memorable scenes from both ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Evil Dead 2.’ Although ‘Sandpaper’ was released as a single on July 17 and ‘Sin & Bones,’ the album which hones the track, was unveiled on Aug. 14, it’s taken until today (Oct. 2) for the video to see the light of day. Since Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M. Shadows appears in the ‘Sandpaper’ video to sing his guest vocal spot, Warner Bros. needed to give their approval before Shadows could be legally cleared to appear. The process proved to be a lengthy one, but as Fozzy singer Chris Jericho assured us, the wait was worth it. For ‘Evil Dead’ fanatics, shots such as the ‘flying camera,’ the desolate cabin, possessed humans breaking through wooden panels, Jericho flying through the woods and many other scenes are both instantly recognizable and stirring. We found this bad-ass cabin in the woods in Atlanta, and just everything kind of fell together from there,” Jericho told us in a recent interview . “We found, right by the cabin, there was a civil war burial ground, and there was this creepy bridge that was near it, and the cabin couldn’t have been more perfect for what we were looking for. It looks exactly like the little Evil Dead cabin. Then we started doing all the effects that were involved, all the gags that were involved, the point-of-view camera and being attacked by the vine.” Be sure to check out Fozzy’s music video for ‘Sandpaper,’ available for streaming exclusively at  by clicking below: Click the Image Below to Watch Fozzy’s Video for ‘Sandpaper’ Century Media

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Fozzy Debut ‘Evil Dead’-Inspired Video for ‘Sandpaper’

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