Frank Bello of Anthrax on Mayhem Fest: We Didn’t Want To Open The Main Stage


Frank Bello


Ever since the 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival lineup was announced, many fans have loudly voiced their opinions about thrash icons Anthrax not performing on the main stage alongside Slayer and Slipknot. In a new conversation with Frank Bello though, the Anthrax bassist explains that they landed as the headliner on the second stage by design.

In a new interview, Bello disclosed the method behind their madness, saying, “We didn’t want to open the main stage.” He went on to explain, “We just thought it would be better because not everyone can get to the main stage right away. We didn’t want people straggling in to see us. We thought it would be better to close the second stage and have a full crowd there.”

And it all seems to be working out according to Bello, “It’s such a better idea for us right now. You have to see the crowds, man. It’s insane what goes on.”

Bello describes the Mayhem scene as summer camp, saying, “The crowds have been big. It’s been packed every night. It’s like summer camp — we’re all friends on the tour, so we get to hang out with our friends every day. It doesn’t get much better.”

For anyone heading out to Mayhem Fest who wants to know what they’re in for during the Anthrax set, Bello explains it perfectly, “It’s 40 minutes of pure energy. I barely have time — I’m not kidding about this — to take a sip of water.” He continues, “What we’re hearing is great reviews. At the end of the set, people are always chanting, ‘One more song!’ I mean, we’re back. That’s the great thing about all of this. We’ll be with you as long as you’re with us.”

To find out when Anthrax and Mayhem Fest will roll into your city, check out the remaining dates here.


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