Ghost Putting Final Touches on 2013 Album

Seven Four Ent. Swedish heavy metal act Ghost have proven to be one of the most bizarre major successes of 2012. Having kept their faces out of the spotlight with an evil Pope frontman and cult-like black hooded robes, Ghost signed a record deal with Seven Four Ent., which is under the Universal umbrella. Luckily for fans, Ghost are now finishing up their first album under that deal, which will be released in 2013. In an official press release, Ghost announced that they are now putting the finishing touches on their as-yet-untitled follow-up to their debut album, ‘Opus Eponymous.’ The debut disc was met with massive acclaim, and rightly so. For those who haven’t listened to Ghost, do yourself a favor and check out their music. Although simple in nature, the unpolished and chilling cadence found in ‘Opus Eponymous’ is not only brilliant, but strangely original. If that description doesn’t convince you, this quote from one of the nameless band members may change your mind: “Hard rock is about who has the biggest d–k and pop music is about who’s got the smallest. I guess we’re pretty average. But in order to have a big d–k, you have to have it mentally.” Meanwhile, Ghost will play a special show this Saturday, Dec. 15, in their hometown of Link√∂ping, Sweden. Check out some of Ghost’s music below and stay tuned for details on their next album as news breaks. Ghost, ‘Elizabeth’

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Ghost Putting Final Touches on 2013 Album

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