Godsmack vs. Papa Roach – 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl, Round 1

There’s nothing to get you rocking like a pair of rock anthems, and this 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl matchup has them. It’s Godsmack ‘s ‘I Stand Alone’ squaring off against Papa Roach ‘s ‘Last Resort’ to see which is the better football anthem. Godsmack’s Sully Erna spells it out for all comers in ‘I Stand Alone’ when he belts “ I’ve told you this once before / You can’t control me / If you try to take me down, you’re gonna pay .” That type of grit and determination is what drives many of the NFL players, and in the end, their ultimate goal to the be the team that “stands alone” at the end of the season. Meanwhile, Godsmack’s competition in this round is Papa Roach who have some strong statements of their own with ‘Last Resort.’ The pounding drums and guitars only strengthen the mood of the track, which is one of back-against-the-wall desperation. And as we all know, desperation can be a powerful motivator. When Jacoby Shaddix unleashes on this song, is there anyone left unmoved? It’s a tough matchup — Godsmack against Papa Roach. Take a listen to both songs below and then vote in our poll to determine who advances in the 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl. Voting in Round 1 continues through Sunday night (Jan. 27) at 11:59PM ET. To see the next 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl matchup and vote for your favorite, click on the red button at the bottom of this post. Hear Godsmack’s ‘I Stand Alone’ Hear Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’ Sorry, you need to have javascript running to see this poll. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/disturbed-vs-trapt-2013-loudwire-rock-bowl-round-1/” title=”Next Rock Bowl Matchup: Disturbed vs. Trapt” align=”center”]

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Godsmack vs. Papa Roach – 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl, Round 1

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