Hatebreed Unveil ‘Put It to the Torch’ Video

Razor & Tie Connecticut hardcore titans Hatebreed have just released a fiery new video for ‘Put It to the Torch.’ The video consists of everything a Hatebreed fan would ever hope for; violence, blood and mystical tribes of ancient warriors initiating businessmen into their group through gladiator fire battles. ‘Put It to the Torch’ is Hatebreed’s first single from their upcoming sixth studio album, ‘The Divinity of Purpose,’ due out Jan. 29. The newest single from Hatebreed was released in November, and has been praised by fans ever since. ‘Put It to the Torch’ even made it to Loudwire’s Death Match Hall of Fame by defeating Destruction , Nile , the Contortionist and Upon a Burning Body in a series of Death Matches. The new Hatebreed video begins with an irritable young businessman bumping into a metalhead on the street before suddenly facing an attack by mysterious voodoo magic. After being thrown around like a rag doll in the streets, the man encounters a strange tribe in the woods who use fire as fuel for their wizardry. The businessman is handed a giant, flaming mace and is ordered into battle. We won’t give away what happens, but we can only wish that ‘Put It to the Torch’ was more than just over two-minutes long so we could enjoy this video for even longer. Check out Hatebreed’s blazing music video for ‘Put It to the Torch’ in the player below. Hatebreed, ‘Put It to the Torch’ [button href=”http://loudwire.com/hatebreed-singer-jamey-jasta-cover-art-the-divinity-of-purpose-new-album-trailer/” title=”Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta Talks ‘The Divinity of Purpose’ Artwork” align=”center”]

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Hatebreed Unveil ‘Put It to the Torch’ Video

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