Hooded Menace ‘Effigies of Evil’ Album Artist Goes in Depth on Creating Stunning Cover

Relapse Heavier-than-hell doom band Hooded Menace recently released their third album, ‘Effigies of Evil.’ The album is an absolute beast, but one of the most captivating parts of the record is the stunningly terrifying album art. David D’Andrea created the art for ‘Effigies of Evil,’ and we’ve got the exclusive back-story about D’Andrea’s piece, along with sketches detailing the process of creating the visual aspect for ‘Effigies of Evil.’ “The Effigies of Evil artwork is based on the “Blind Dead” film series,” says  David D’Andrea , “which began in 1971 with Amando de Ossorio’s original entitled “La Noche del Terror Ciego” (The Night of the Blind Terror). This film was proceeded by three more which loosely followed the story line.” He continues, “Blind Templar zombies swarm their human victims at an obscenely slow and creepy pace. The eyes are hollow pits due to the fact that they were gouged out by seagulls while their Templar corpses hung from the gallows. Seagulls also play an important part in the fourth film, ‘La Noche de las Gaviotas.’” “Hooded Menace recommended I use the film series and the title “Effigies of Evil” as inspiration,” D’Andrea details. “I could not have asked for a more fruitful starting point! The piece evolved quite naturally and eventually became the wrap-around scene as featured on the album. The original piece is India Ink on illustration board, roughly 11 x 17 inches.” Now that you’ve gotten the inside info behind the masterful artwork, check out an exclusive look into the creation of the ‘Effigies of Evil’ piece. To buy Hooded Menace’s ‘Effigies of Evil,’ click here .

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Hooded Menace ‘Effigies of Evil’ Album Artist Goes in Depth on Creating Stunning Cover

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