Korn’s Munky Says Next Album Features More Guitar, Less Dubstep

Ethan Miller, Getty Images Korn may have revitalized their career somewhat with the dubstep heavy ‘The Path of Totality’ album, but what does that mean for their next disc? Guitarist James “Munky’ Shaffer tells the Phoenix New Times that he envisions the return of more guitar-heavy music, though electronics will still factor in. He stated about the upcoming disc, “I wouldn’t say it’s a 180 from the last album, but we’re definitely taking a different approach. We’re not going with the dubstep style, but we are using a lot of interesting recording techniques.” When asked if it meant a return to a heavier Korn sound, the guitarist added, “I think it will be. I think once Jonathan [Davis] puts vocals on it, it has … it’s more melodic and the guitars are more aggressive and much more in your face. I think what we did before was bold and took a lot of balls, in regards to the album devoted entirely to dubstep. To me it’s very much a Korn album, but I want to feature more guitar on this album, on the one we’re writing right now.” Munky added that the band still has “one foot in the electronic [style],” but he says it’s not necessarily the dubstep sound and that there will be a fresh approach to the guitar riffs. The guitarist says when the idea of initially approaching their music in a dubstep manner came up, he was on board as he felt it was time to shake things up. He added, “We’ve always been a band that’s tried to reinvent themselves and innovate what we do, I think. We were at the point in our career you know, our tenth album, [and it was] like, let’s go for it. And if we don’t like it, we don’t have to put it out.” Munky says the band is currently writing and working on new music, but no timeline has been set for the release of their next album. [button href=”http://loudwire.com/korn-munky-unveils-fear-and-the-nervous-system-documentary/” title=”Next: Munky Unveils Fear and the Nervous System Documentary” align=”center”]

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Korn’s Munky Says Next Album Features More Guitar, Less Dubstep

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