Lamb of God Smashes Corpus Christi, TX

I went to see Lamb of God with Anthrax last night with my wife and 16 yr old daughter. It was probably my 5th or 6th time to see them. The opening acts were OK, but the real excitement started when Anthrax took to the stage. The whole atmosphere changed. The crowd swarmed to the front of the stage. I was crushed between a fat guy and some girl who was barely 5 ft.

Anthrax played a really cool set, but I was saving my energy for Lamb of God. Then the fights started breaking out. Some loser would get his feelings hurt when his beer would get knocked out of his hands. One of the fights featured a pretty small chic and a muscle bound brain dead dude.

Finally when Lamb of God took over you could definitely feel the intensity. These guys play one hell of a show and continue to be one of my favorite bands. Here’s a video I took with my iPhone.

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