Love and Death, ‘Between Here & Lost’ – Album Review

Tooth & Nail Many people may know Brian ‘Head’ Welch as the former guitarist of Korn , but he takes on the role of frontman in his new band Love and Death , who have just unleashed their debut album ‘Between Here & Lost.’ “Wake up sleepy / Wide Awake” are the first words that Welch belts out to get the blood pumping in the first track ‘The Abandoning.’ With trippy guitar riffs and an incredible balance of aggression and beautiful harmony, this tune is just the start of the roller-coaster ride that is ‘Between Here & Lost.’ When one thinks of Devo’s ‘Whip It,’ a heavy cover of the song might not come to mind, but Welch and his band do an amazing job of turning this into a heavy hitting yet catchy rendition that is bound to be a guilty pleasure on this record. Welch shows off his vocal range with the softer song ‘By the Way,’ and then mixes groove and melody with heavy screams in tracks such as ‘Watching The Bottom,’ ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Fading Away.’ One of the strongest songs on the album is ‘Chemicals,’ which is on the more melodic side and is very catchy with blistering riffs. ‘Paralyzed’ kicks off with an eerie beginning and even though the track has verses with soft vocals, it blows up at the two and a half minute mark as Welch spits out,  “Death before I give dishonor / Death before I disobey.” ‘My Disaster’ starts with very forceful guitar riffs that almost sound off like an alarm, not to mention Welch’s raspy vocals, as he sings the chorus,  “Feeling everything / Crashing down on me / Lost and so afraid / It’s my disaster / Losing everything / Giving all of me / I feel so betrayed / In my disaster.” ‘I W8 4 U’ is one of the heaviest and best tracks on the record. For Today’s Mattie Montgomery’s is the guest vocalist on this song, giving it such dynamic power with the chorus,  “I wait for you / Always will, always do / I wait for you / Burning, bleeding, dying / But I wait for you.” ‘Between Here & Lost’ ends with ‘Bruises,’ a track with incredible depth. With a piano melody and whispering vocals, the song spirals out and amps up with crashing cymbals and a whole lot of energy. Brian ‘Head’ Welch has grown into a dynamic frontman and ‘Between Here & Lost’ is an album that puts all emotions on the table and does so with a unique and hard hitting sound. ? [button href=”” title=”Next: Brian ‘Head’ Welch Talks Music, Korn + More” align=”center”]

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Love and Death, ‘Between Here & Lost’ – Album Review

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