Mad Season’s ‘Above’ To Be Reissued With New Material in April

Columbia Records The supergroup  Mad Season , which included vocalist Layne Staley ( Alice in Chains ), guitarist Mike McCready ( Pearl Jam ), bassist John Baker Saunders (The Walkabouts) and drummer/percussionist Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees), released just one album, 1995′s ‘Above.’ Now, a deluxe edition of that album will be released on April 2. The three-disc set includes the original album along with previously unreleased tracks from Mad Season’s unfinished second album with new lyrics and vocals from Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees). Lanegan had previously provided guest vocals and some lyrics on ‘Above.’ The second CD is audio from the band’s final show. The third disc is a DVD of the ‘Live at the Moore’ show along with another previously unreleased Seattle show and other bonus footage. In addition to the digital and physical releases, an expanded two album vinyl edition will be released on Record Store Day, April 20. After its release in 1995, ‘Above’ went gold (shipping 500,000 copies). Work was started on a follow-up, with McCready, Saunders and Martin recording the basic tracks for 15 new songs. Due to health issues, Staley wasn’t able to make the recording sessions and the album was eventually shelved as band members moved on to other projects. Saunders died in 1999, and Staley passed away in 2002. In 2012, McCready, Martin and ‘Above’s’ original producer Brett Eliason got together and revisited material from the second album’s sessions. Mark Lanegan wrote lyrics and sang three of those songs, including one co-written by Peter Buck (R.E.M.) Mad Season – ‘Above’ Deluxe Edition Track Listing: ‘Wake Up’ ‘X-Ray Mind’ ‘River of Deceit’ ‘I’m Above’ ‘Artificial Red’ ‘Lifeless Dead’ ‘I Don’t Know Anything’ ‘Long Gone Day’ ‘November Hotel’ ‘All Alone’ ‘Interlude’ (previously unreleased) ‘Locomotive’ (lyrics/vocals by Mark Lanegan) ‘Black Book Of Fear’ (lyrics/vocals by Mark Lanegan) ‘Slip Away’ (lyrics/vocals by Mark Lanegan) ‘I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier’ (remix) CD 2 – ‘Live at The Moore’ Previously unreleased full audio set of ‘Live at The Moore’ performance from Seattle, April 29, 1995. DVD – ‘Live at The Moore’ + Bonus Footage [button href=”” title=”Next: More on Lanegan’s Contribution to New Mad Season Material” align=”center”]

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Mad Season’s ‘Above’ To Be Reissued With New Material in April

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