Man Attempts to Sell Slash’s Drivers License for $50,000 on ‘Pawn Stars’

The History Channel Want to town a piece of Guns N’ Roses history? All you’ve got to do is track down this dude who has Slash ‘s driver’s license. Yep, some guy has Slash’s driver’s license, and the man claims it was given to him by a friend of his, whose girlfriend had been a longtime bartender at a joint where the classic Guns lineup used to go get sloshed. Featured on an episode of the History Channel reality show ‘Pawn Stars,’ a man named Travis entered Las Vegas’ ‘Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’ in search for some big bucks in exchange for Slash’s license. When asked exactly how he came to possess the driver’s license of Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson, Travis has quite a story to tell. “A good buddy of mine actually had it years ago,” begins Travis. “He got it from his girlfriend, who was a bartender, and she ended up being there serving these guys all long long. And the whole group were trying to get her to flash for ‘em. So she did, she flashed one, and he threw it on the bar. I took it when I was about 18 and used it for my fake ID until I was 21.” So how much is Slash’s legitimate driver’s license worth? According to Travis, the rare item is worth $50,000 … but the man’s projection was shot down by shop employee Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell and the store’s owner Rick Harrison, who only offered Travis $1,000 for the license. “If [Slash’s] driver license was worth 50 grand, I guarantee you he would be losing his license once a month and showing up at DMV, ‘Ah, sorry, guys, I lost it again,’” Harrison remarks. “‘Cause he would be selling that many.” Travis refused to accept any less than $15,000 for the license, so no deal was made on the show. Check out the full episode of ‘Pawn Stars’ by clicking the button below. Skip ahead to the 8:40 mark to see the Slash drivers license negotiation in full! [button href=”” title=”Slash’s Drivers License Makes an Appearance on ‘Pawn Stars'” align=”center”]

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Man Attempts to Sell Slash’s Drivers License for $50,000 on ‘Pawn Stars’

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