Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Saved by Wonder Dog in Orange Amplifiers Short Film

YouTube Mastodon  singer-bassist  Troy Sanders is sitting backstage riffing on a guitar when he learns that all six of his amps have bitten the dust just shortly before he’s going onstage. Though the scenario is not that likely, it’s played to the full humorous hilt for the new short film / promo starring Sanders for Orange Amplifiers. In the short, Sanders gets to play a cockier version of himself, fully consumed with his own greatness and upset that he’s due to go onstage without the use of amplification. But a quick call and not-so-immediate response from the Orange Amps warehouse may solve the situation. The clerk puts his best man in charge, and by “man,” we mean the wonder dog Bear who traipses all across town to get to the show on time, but does actually get distracted by the city skyline, some vinyl record shopping and a quick bite to eat along the way. With the clock ticking, Sanders starts to worry about whether he’ll have to play without his amp, but just as he’s about to take the stage, Bear shows up with Orange’s Micro Terror hanging around his neck. A relieved Sanders takes the stage to the roaring applause of the crowd, plugs in to his newly-arrived amp and rocks the audience to their satisfaction. Watch Troy Sanders Starring in Orange Amplifiers Short Film [button href=”” title=”Next: Troy Sanders Forms Supergroup With Max Cavalera” align=”center”]

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Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Saved by Wonder Dog in Orange Amplifiers Short Film

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