Motley Crue Members Entangled in Legal Battle Also Involving Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler, his former management company Kovac Media Group and Tyler’s lawyer, Dina LaPolt, have been entrenched in a legal battle since October 2012, regarding issues with the singer’s stint as a judge on ‘American Idol.’ Tyler’s former management company accuses the singer’s lawyer allegedly sabotaged a multimillion dollar deal for the Aerosmith legend, resulting in Tyler’s exit from the popular TV show. As if this wasn’t dramatic enough, the Hollywood Reporter  reports that  Mick Mars and Tommy Lee of  Motley Crue are now involved in another issue between both Kovac Media Group and lawyer Dina LaPolt, adding to the whirlwind of serious allegations. Although both Steven Tyler and Motley Crue are both caught in the middle of legal battles between Kovac Media Group and Dina LaPolt, the issues involving both bands are separate. Kovac Media Group, run by Allen Kovac, claims that LaPolt’s actions cost Steven Tyler his ‘American Idol’ deal, apparently worth a total of $6-$8 million. Despite Kovac’s claim, Tyler denies any sort of sabotage took place and has taken the side of LaPolt. After Kovac filed the Steven Tyler lawsuit, the media mogul added new claims, alleging that Dina LaPolt, in an act of retaliation, has been conspiring to set up her own management company in order to steal Motley Crue, who Kovac has represented for 15 years. Much like Steven Tyler, Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars and drummer Tommy Lee are also supporting LaPolt, both Crue musicians having filed legal paperwork in an attempt to halt Kovac’s legal proceedings against their lawyer. Mick Mars first heard of the Steven Tyler case on Oct. 15, and was left aghast to say the least, claiming he was “completely shocked and mad that Motley Crue’s manager had sued our lawyer. I trust Dina implicitly, to the point that she is my trustee if I die or become disabled.” Meanwhile, Mars also says that Motley Crue never authorized a $200,000 transaction between the band’s business manager, Pam Malek, and Kovac to repay a loan that Kovac had given to Motley Crue singer Vince Neil, who is no longer a shareholder in the band. Malek has since been dismissed by the band, with Mars claiming “she was controlled by [Kovac].” Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, meanwhile, is echoing the same sentiments as Mars, and is upset that he now has to give a deposition on the matter. For much more detail on this legal squabble, see the full story by the Hollywood Reporter . [button href=”” title=”Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Recounts Near-Fatal Overdose 25 Years Later” align=”center”]

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Motley Crue Members Entangled in Legal Battle Also Involving Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

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