Motorhead Discussing Covers Album Ahead of Studio Return

Mary Ouellette, Motorhead are filling the time between albums with their latest live document, ‘ The World Is Ours Vol. 2 – Anyplace Crazy as Anywhere Else ,’ but the thought process has begun for their next record and frontman Lemmy Kilmister says there is the possibility that it could be a covers disc. The musician tells Classic Rock Revisited , “We did discuss it, but we haven’t come to a concrete decision on it. It would be fun to do. The three of us are very different when it comes to music, so it would be a very diverse album. We’d make them all into Motorhead songs, anyway. We’ve done covers before.” While the wheels are starting to churn concerning their next project, Kilmister confesses, “[We don’t have any new music] yet. We will just go into the studio a month before we do the next album and just write.” He recently stated that Motorhead were eyeing a January studio return . If that seems like a short creative timeline, it’s really not as the Motorhead mastermind says it doesn’t take long to turn a track into one of the band’s songs. He explains, “I only play one way, so if we have an idea that is outside of that, then, by the time we are finished with it, it sounds like us. We’ve done off the wall stuff, like ’1916,’ and we did ‘I Ain’t No Nice Guy’ and we did some tracks that were absolutely not normal for us, but they sounded good.” As for why Germany’s Wacken Festival is special to them and was chosen as the featured show for their latest live release, the frontman says, “We played there early on when it was only one day and now it is four or five days. There were only a few thousand people in the old days and now it’s 85,000. I’ve got a plaque from them for Motorhead being the band that has played Wacken the most times.” [button href=”” title=”Next: Motorhead Brand Earphone-Headphone Line” align=”center”]

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Motorhead Discussing Covers Album Ahead of Studio Return

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