Mustaine Promises ‘Very Fast, Very Heavy’ New Megadeth Album

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth playing new Dean Guitars

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Coming off of the back of the all-slaying ‘Endgame’, Dave Mustaine has promised fast and heavy follow-up. Let’s do this!
Oh yeah, that’s how we’re brightening up your Wednesday. Dave Mustaine has confirmed in an interview with Guitar World that the new Megadeth album is going to be a very fast and very heavy affair!

“It’s gonna be heavy and not slow heavy like Black Sabbath or Trouble,” says Mustaine. “It’s very, very fast heavy.”

“We have 12 songs that we’re contracted for this record, and that’s all we’re doing,” he continues. “Some of the songs are old, some are new. Some were written this morning. Some back in the early stages of my career — songs that weren’t previously recorded. It’s just a variety of stuff.”

Is this Dave Mustaine’s last record?

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