Phil Anselmo Eyes Summer Release for Solo Album

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire Pantera / Down singer  Phil Anselmo  fans will get a taste of his solo material Tuesday, Jan. 8, with the release of the split EP titled ‘ War of the Gargantuas ‘ with Warbeast . But, Anselmo s ays that his two songs on the split are not in the same vein as his upcoming solo album. “I think those songs are still a far cry from the full-length that will be coming out this upcoming summer though,” Anselmo tells . “To me, they’re more in line with the straight ahead songs I’ve come up with. Be prepared for a different listen when you hear the upcoming full-length. I wanted to do something different with a lot of f–king energy that would, I guess, come off as faster or more energetic than your basic fast playing at a million miles an hour with blast beats.” When it comes to his lyrical approach, Anselmo said it’s much more direct than his band Down . “With the Down lyrics, the listeners can take them and interpret them in their own ways. With the solo s–t, I’m being very direct. There isn’t any wordplay. There isn’t any hidden message. It’s all right there in front of you. There it is.” For more from Anselmo, read the full interview at . And listen to samples from the Anselmo / Warbeast split EP here . Meanwhile, Down and Warbeast kick off a U.S. tour Friday in Houston, Texas. Down are touring in support of ‘Down IV Part I – The Purple EP,’ which was released in September. [button href=”” title=”Watch Loudwire’s Video Interview With Down” align=”center”] ?

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Phil Anselmo Eyes Summer Release for Solo Album

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