Queensryche Members Seeking Website Control From Geoff Tate



Queensryche and former singer Geoff Tate continue to work out the specifics of their parting in court. The latest issue to come up centers on the band’s websites and social networking hubs.According to Blabbermouth.net, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, and Scott Rockenfield are accusing Tate of refusing to relinquish control of their website and other media accounts even after the group defeated Tate’s preliminary injunction to keep the band from using the Queensryche name.

Earlier this year, the group members claimed that they had been locked out of their websites, thus making it impossible to promote their performances as the Rising West with singer Todd La Torre fronting the group instead of Tate.

Not long after, Tate’s daughter Miranda stated that none of the members had been denied access to the websites. This all happened shortly before the band eventually moved to oust Tate from the band.

Both Tate and the members of Queensryche have taken legal action against each other. Should a trial over the injunction be needed, a court date has been set for Nov. 18, 2013.

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