Rock Star Cameos in Video Games

EA / Activision (2) Rock music and video games make for a brilliant marriage. Anyone who has ever sat down to play a Tony Hawk skating game has left with a library full of new favorite song. So, when one of your favorite musicians appears as a character within one of your favorite video games, even the most season gamer can’t help but feel giddy like a teenage girl before prom. From well-known cameos, to surprise appearances and unlockable characters, there are a myriad of rockers who have been immortalized in video game form, including members of Metallica , Nirvana , Limp Bizkit and many more. We’ve teamed up with a number of our partner sites for a list of musicians and celebrities who have starred in video games. Click below to check it out: [button href=”” title=”See the Rock Stars Who Have Starred in Video Games” align=”center”]

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Rock Star Cameos in Video Games

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