Sepultura Release Signature Brand of Beer

Sepultura Beer Thrash legends Sepultura  have unveiled their own line of beer. Labeled with the band’s signature spiked ‘S’ logo, the brew is striving to hit your sense of taste with a creation as full-bodied as Sepultura’s music. The Sepultura Weizen beer is a wheat-based brew, which can come in an incredibly awesome package resembling a Marshall amp. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten our hands on the beer yet, but it has been said that Sepultura’s drink possesses “turbidity caused by natural yeast in suspension” and the “aroma and flavors of banana and clove from a special strain of yeast that produces the chemicals that lead to these perceptions.” Alcoholic beverages released by bands seems like they might one day surpass the concert t-shirt in must-have items. Signature beers  and wines have recently been released by bands such as AC/DC , Clutch and Motorhead . There’s no word if Sepultura’s beer will see a major release or will make it to the U.S., but we’ll be saving space in the office fridge for just the occasion. A video documenting the beer is posted below (in Portugese): Watch a Video Piece on Sepultura’s New Beer [in Portugese] [button href=”” title=”Sepultura – Banned Music Videos” align=”center”]

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Sepultura Release Signature Brand of Beer

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