Serj Tankian Challenges Idea That Animals Aren’t Equal to Humans

Peta2 Serj Tankian has spent countless hours trying to raise the awareness of human rights, and now in a new Peta2 video he’s taking the time to address how we view animal rights, as well. The System of a Down singer challenges the idea that animals are lesser beings on this planet, and states, “I think that’s something that we always forget with our self-differentiation and egos – that we think that we’re different, but we are animals.” By putting out the idea that we as humans are actually animals, too, the singer is hoping that it changes the way that we view things like the killing of other creatures. Tankian says that he’s surprise that there aren’t more people adopting animals from shelters. “There’s so many animals in the shelters right now and have been for a good period of time and statistics are that at least 50% of them are killed,” says Tankian. “It’s cause no one adopts them, and it’s a shame.” He also chimes in on the seal slaughter that goes on annually in Canada, stating, “It’s shocking that something like this could still be happening today.” The singer has joined the likes of fellow rockers Dave Navarro , Rise Against ‘s Tim McIlrath, OTEP , Dillinger Escape Plan , Social Distortion ‘s Mike Ness and more in teaming with peta2 in trying to sway the way that humans view cruelty toward animals. Tankian’s peta2 video can be seen below: Watch Serj Tankian Talk To Peta2 [button href=”” title=”Next: Serj Tankian Talks 2012 Presidential Election” align=”center”]

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Serj Tankian Challenges Idea That Animals Aren’t Equal to Humans

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