Suffocation Unleash Track ‘As Grace Descends’ From 2013 Album ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’

Nuclear Blast Brutal death metal architects Suffocation are set to release their seventh full-length album, ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ on Feb. 15, but fans won’t have to wait another two months to hear new material from the band. Suffocation have just unleashed the new track ‘As Grace Descends,’ and spoiler alert: It’s very heavy. After the departure of drummer Mike Smith, there were some big shoes to fill behind the kit. Thus, Suffocation made an incredibly wise decision in recruiting Dave Culross of Malevolent Creation. Culross has drummed from Suffocation in the past, blasting away on the band’s masterful 1998 EP, ‘Despise the Sun.’ “You will definitely hear ‘Despise the Sun’ shining through on this record,” Culross told us in our recent interview with the band. Not only because of my playing on it, but the grooves in some of the stuff that we did are very similar to the grooves in ‘Despise the Sun,’ and I think that’s what will people are gonna characterize between the two albums … you’ll hear the accents in the blasts, a lot of fast double bass; definitely reminiscent of ‘Despise the Sun.’” ‘As Grace Descends’ showcases a more crisp and powerful production standards, which offers an interesting dichotomy as Suffocation bring a more raw sense of composition to the track. Vocalist Frank Mullen is also noticeably straight-forward in his performance, as he keeps his gutturals low while focusing on the pronunciation of his lyrics. Introduce yourselves with ‘As Grace Descends’ in the player below, and whatever you do, only perform the classic Frank Mullen hand chop if you’ve warmed up first, as you will likely break your wrist otherwise. Suffocation, ‘As Grace Descends’ Suffocation, ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ Track Listing: 1. ‘Cycles of Suffering’ 2. ‘Purgatorial Punishment’ 3. ‘Eminent Wrath’ 4. ‘As Grace Descends’ 5. ‘Sullen Days’ 6. ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’ 7. ‘My Demise’ 8. ‘Inversion’ 9. ‘Rapture of Revocation’ 10. ‘Beginning of Sorrow’ [button href=”” title=”Suffocation Talk ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam,’ Future of Frank Mullen + More” align=”center”]

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Suffocation Unleash Track ‘As Grace Descends’ From 2013 Album ‘Pinnacle of Bedlam’

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