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Perry Farrell: 60-Song Creative Burst Is for ‘Immersive Theater’ Project

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Jane’s Addiction ‘s Perry Farrell recently spent some time recovering from surgery enjoying a creative burst that resulted in some 60 tracks being worked through, but the singer says that the material was not necessarily all for Jane’s Addiction. Farrell tells , “There’s over 60 [songs] lyrically written and then there’s probably 38 recorded, but they were not Jane’s Addiction, they were mine, for the next project.” The vocalist went on to add, “The next project’s going to be a really interesting affair, never before done in history. It’s going to be immersive theater, like a musical or play. I’m going to have Jane’s writing one record and then I’ve written another one that’s electronic. It’s theater, and in some cases, the scene takes place out in a place like Phuket or a region like that in a bar or a club, so you’d be listening to dance music.” The vocalist says he’s already written the first, dance-related portion, but the second half is still incomplete. He added, “I have many song melodies, but they haven’t been recorded or worked with Jane’s Addiction yet.” Farrell also spoke about a proposed Porno for Pyros reunion and explained that his current project has cooled him on the idea for the time being. He explains, “I love all the guys in Porno and I’ll always want to do it, but I’ve gotten so hot with this new project, now that it’s in the works and moving forward, that … something really great came up. It’s sort of like you were with a girl or with a guy, and then you guys broke apart, and you started getting in contact with each other, like, ‘Yeah, we should see each other again sometime,’ and then all of a sudden this amazing person comes into your life.” For more of the singer’s thoughts, including working with Trent Reznor , the latest on Lollapalooza and more, check out the full interview here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro Contemplates Two Solo Records” align=”center”]

Sharon Osbourne Reveals She Had a Double Mastectomy

Christopher Polk, Getty Images In a new interview with Hello! magazine, Ozzy Osbourne ‘s wife,  Sharon Osbourne , made the surprising revelation that she recently opted for a double mastectomy after doctors told her she carried a gene that put her at risk for breast cancer. It was a relatively simple decision for Osbourne, who suffered through colon cancer 10 years ago. Describing it as “a no-brainer,” she told the magazine, “I didn’t even think of my breasts in a nostalgic way, I just wanted to be able to live my life without that fear all the time.” Also factoring into her decision: Experiencing the joy of being a first-time grandmother after Jack , Sharon’s son with Ozzy, recently celebrated the birth of his first child with new bride Lisa Stelly. As Sharon put it, “I didn’t want to live the rest of my life with that shadow hanging over me. I want to be around for a long time and be a grandmother to Pearl.” It’s been a year full of health drama for the Osbourne clan — earlier this year, the family publicly struggled with Jack’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis . Here’s hoping they manage to find a long period of relative normalcy after the extreme highs and lows of 2012. [button href=”” title=”Next: Ozzy Competes for President of Heavy Metal” align=”center”]

Linkin Park Set to Rock American Music Awards

Mary Ouellette, Linkin Park  are among a new list of performers announced for next month’s American Music Awards. The 40th anniversary edition of the awards will be held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, Nov. 18, and will be broadcast live on ABC. In addition to Linkin Park, other artists slated to perform are Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera. Additional live performers and presenters will be announced later. Linkin Park is also nominated for an American Music Award in the Alternative Rock Music: Favorite Artist category. They are competing with Gotye and the Black Keys. For the sixth year, winners will be decided by online voting. There are several different sites where fans can cast their votes, including this one . There are awards in genres such as pop/rock, country, rap/hip-hop, soul/R&B, adult contemporary, inspirational and electronic dance music. Shortly before the AMAs, Linkin Park will be in South Africa for the 7th International Linkin Park Underground Summit . The all-day event includes meet and greets, backstage tours, soundcheck entry, Q&A sessions and acoustic performances. The band plays a show that night (Nov. 7) in Cape Town, and will be in Johannesburg on Nov. 10. [button href=”” title=”Next: Linkin Park – Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]

Tommy Lee Sued Over Roller Coaster Drum Design

Kevin Winter, Getty Images Motley Crue  shows are made even more entertaining by the antics of drummer Tommy Lee .  For many male fans, tops on the list is the portion of the show where Lee encourages ladies to show a certain part of their anatomy on camera. Right behind that is Lee’s roller coaster drum solo. However, that drum design is now part of a lawsuit. As previously reported, an engineer named Scott King wrote a letter to Motley Crue’s lawyers, saying he pitched the idea for the drums more than 20 years ago and was turned down.  He claims Lee used his design during Motley Crue’s 2011 tour, wants compensation, and threatened to sue. Lee’s lawyers responded to King’s letter by denying Lee stole King’s idea. Now, according to TMZ , King has officially filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court. He is demanding at least $400,000 in damages. Meanwhile, Lee is about to turn 50, and apparently he made a pact  with ex-wife Pamela Anderson that if they were both single at 50 they would remarry. But Anderson recently told Ellen DeGeneres that she doesn’t remember making that pact.  So it doesn’t look like a reconciliation is in the cards. Anderson has been in the spotlight lately, being the first person to be eliminated in the current all-star season of  ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ The couple divorced in 1998, but have two kids together and remain close. [button href=”” title=”Next: Tommy Lee Looks Out for the Wellbeing of Whales” align=”center”]

Tommy Lee Accused of Stealing Roller Coaster Drum Idea

? Tommy Lee is no stranger to the legal system, having several run-ins with the law over the years. Now, according to TMZ, an engineer claims he had the idea for the Motley Crue drummer’s circle-shaped roller-coaster drum solo back in 1991. Scott King wrote a legal letter to Motley Crue’s lawyers recently, claiming he pitched the idea to Lee over 20 years ago and was turned down. King says the idea

Testament’s Chuck Billy Discusses New Album ‘Dark Roots of Earth’ + Randy Blythe Situation

Testament frontman Chuck Billy was the guest on Full Metal Jackie’s radio show this past weekend. Billy spoke all about the band’s 10th studio album ‘Dark Roots of Earth’ as well as touring Europe and America for the rest of the year. He also shared his view on the current situation with Lamb of God’s frontman Randy Blythe being incarcerated. If you missed Full Metal Jackie’s show, check out her