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AxeWound Singer Says He Thinks Band is More Than One-Off Project

The scheduling has been a bit tricky for AxeWound, but singer Liam Cormier tells NME that he feels that’s a non-factor in whether or not the all-star group will continue beyond their debut disc. Cormier says, “It feels like a bunch of friends hanging out. We get really giddy whenever we do anything. I definitely see it continuing beyond this record. We all get along so well and have such

Linkin Park’s Debut Album ‘Hybrid Theory’ Surpasses 10 Million in Sales

Linkin Park have reached a milestone that many bands can only dream about in the current music scene. Billboard reports that the group’s debut disc, ‘Hybrid Theory,’ has reached 10 million in sales. The group’s introductory effort was released in 2000 and sold an additional 3,000 copies this past week to bring its total to just over 10 million in sales. That makes ‘Hybrid Theory’ the 20th album to reach

Morgan Rose and Clint Lowery’s Side Project Call Me No One Makes Live Debut

Being in one rock band can be challenging enough, but during their down time with Sevendust, guitarist Clint Lowery and drummer Morgan Rose created a new side project they dubbed Call Me No One. Call Me No One released their debut disc ‘Last Parade’ on June 5. The band has been a real labor of love for the two, and now they get to share the fruits of their labor

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