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Cradle of Filth Vocalist Dani Filth ‘Pissed Off’ About Canceled 2013 Tour

Photo Credit: James Sharrock British extreme goth band Cradle of Filth were recently forced to cancel their 2013 North American tour dates with the Faceless , Decapitated and the Agonist due to “immigration issues beyond the band’s control.” Needless to say, it was awful news for those looking forward to the powerhouse tour, but nobody took the hit harder than singer Dani Filth , who blogged about the cancellation details and the frustration that accompanied it. We spoke with Dani Filth in October 2012 about all things Cradle of Filth, and the singer was noticeably pumped when speaking of the tour, which at that point wasn’t 100-percent confirmed. Fans began to salivate when the ’28 Days Closer to Hell’ tour dates were announced, but quickly after, plans dissolved simply due to a technicality. In his new blog post , Dani Filth posted the following letter to fans: Dearest readers, The week we were due to receive our US performance visas truly was one of the worst weeks of my life, as it launched itself blazing into nightmare with the rotten news that the US tour was being cancelled. Believe you me, there is still no one more pissed off about this than me, over nothing more than a silly visa issue. Still, what can you do, the more you complain about the immigration laws, the less likely we are to get in next time we intend to tour? Unfortunately there is no way of getting around this problem, whatever anybody says and believe you me we have tried vigorously through various official channels and at some expense, it is just a hard cold fact of entry into the US at the moment. So, better that we postpone/cancel than lead people on any further in the hope that Cradle will be making at least some of these current dates, including Canada, which comes cost-wise part and parcel of touring North America as a whole. It truly is a royal nightmare, as the tour obviously took a lengthy time to route and organize, plus there are the other bands, booking agents, bus companies, local promoters, venues, venue staff and of course, our loyal fans in attendance to consider. Still, if it’s any consolation at all, it does mean that there is a distinct possibility that when the visas are eventually processed, we will be able to come back to the States on a much longer tour, seeing as there was a huge amount of people on our Facebook page complaining about the band not playing anywhere near where they lived. Believe me when I say this, we hear you, and the next tour will take all these requests into ardent consideration. So, if you want Cradle to come to your country, town or city, make your sepulchral voice heard now… Fuck it, speak to the local promoters if you have to! And if this wasn’t enough misery to unhappily digest, it was then followed by a horrid bout of flu. I had Pharyngitis, Toni had Laryngitis and the rest of the week was spent in the company of a high temperature, headache, earache, limb ache, all-else ache and a raging sore throat combination pack. On Valentine’s Day, that most romantic evening of the year, having cancelled our posh dinner and movie date, we were both rolled in as many layers of clothing as was humanly possible to keep warm in bed. And we were still shivering through fever. Now, nigh on two weeks on and the final dregs of the chest infection that came with it are still airing themselves via a hacking great cough and a sinister, sniveling cold. Anyway, I’d like to end this section of my blog by offering a massive apology to everybody that has been let down by this cancellation, especially the all-important Crewdle Of Filth, The Agonist, Decapitated and The Faceless. If there was any way we could change this, we indefatigably would. Without question. Our friends and fans are the most important thing to this band. Period. On a much lighter note, Australian dates have been added to our future touring commitments, the first time in four years that we would’ve been back to grace these fair shores, having already played ourselves silly in South America and Asia (yay!) before winging our way to the Magical land of Oz. An announcement of who will be supporting us will be made very shortly. I must say, I am really, really looking forward to these concerts, just as much as I was really really looking forward to touring the States. Keep checking back for more updates as and when they occur and fingers crossed for the reallocation of the US tour to later on in the year. Plus I will be making a few heady announcements of my own that should tantalize in the upcoming calendar months (and no, i’m not pregnant!). Cryptic I know, but definitely worth the wait. All the very breast, Dani Filth, Housebound, February 2013 E.H Cradle of Filth released their 10th studio album, ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors,’ on Halloween Eve last year. To keep up with Dani Filth’s blog posts, head over to Order of the Dragon . [button href=”” title=”Dani Filth Recalls Being Stalked by ‘Reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory'” align=”center”]

Cradle of Filth Forced to Cancel 2013 North American Tour Dates

Peaceville Bad news for Cradle of Filth fans in North America … the British extreme metal band have been forced to cancel their upcoming tour with the Faceless , Decapitated and the Agonist . According to an official statement from Cradle of Filth, the cancellation is due to immigration issues that are “beyond the band’s control.” Back in October 2012, we spoke with Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth , who speculated that a North American tour with the Faceless, Decapitated and the Agonist would likely happen in 2013. Having called the tour package a “really strong lineup,” we’re sure that Dani, Cradle of Filth and the three other acts on the bill aren’t feeling too happy about the forced cancellation, especially due to it being cancelled on somewhat of a technicality. Cradle of Filth posted on their official Facebook page about the tour’s cancellation: Cradle Of Filth are really sorry to tell all of their fans that their US tour ’28 Days Closer to Hell’ is going to have to be cancelled, due to US immigration issues beyond the band’s control. They have been desperately trying to solve these problems, but it has become evident they are not going to be resolved in time for the band to embark on a tour that starts next week. The band sincerely apologize to all their fans and to the other acts on the tour and want to assure people they have made every effort possible to go ahead with the tour. Hopefully Cradle of Filth will be able to return to North American soil sometime soon, and when it happens, we’ll be sure to let you know. The band released its latest album, ‘ The Manticore and Other Horrors ,’ on Halloween 2012. [button href=”” title=”Dani Filth Recalls Being Stalked by ‘Reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory'” align=”center”]

Cradle of Filth Reveal ‘Frost on Her Pillow’ Music Video

Nuclear Blast The time is almost upon us for Cradle of Filth to unveil their tenth studio album, ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors.’ The band has already given fans a peak into the disc with the tracks ‘Manticore’ and ‘For Your Vulgar Delectation,’ but now the goth metal act has released a video for ‘Frost on Her Pillow.’ The visuals are quintessential Cradle of Filth. ‘Frost on Her Pillow’ brings the feeling of an 1800s masquerade ball with a much darker focus. As the video switches between shots of the band performing in a dark attic and the story, a voodoo witch doctor and a demonic figure that lurks in the darkness stalk the video’s heroine. There’s no sign of a manticore (a mythical creature with a human head, lion’s body and a dragon or scorpion’s tail) just yet, but perhaps we’ll see one from the band soon. Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth recently described the band’s upcoming record in a press release. “This is our tenth commandment in metal,” begins Filth. “We have diversified and kept alive the spirit of this band and breathed it into something that I can proudly say, slays like an absolute motherf—er. The Manticore is coming … Long live the filth!” Check out Cradle of Filth’s captivatingly dark music video for ‘Frost on Her Pillow’ in the player below. Watch Cradle of Filth’s ‘Frost on Her Pillow’ Video

Cradle of Filth Announce Release Date for New Album ‘The Manticore & Other Horrors’

As Cradle of Filth fans continue to consume the eight reissues released throughout July, there is still one question on their minds: When is the next Cradle of Filth album coming out? Fortunately for you, your question has been answered. Out just in time to celebrate Halloween, Cradle of Filth’s 10th studio album, ‘The Manticore & Other Horrors,’ drops on Oct. 30. “This is our 10th commandment in metal,” frontman

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