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Dave Mustaine Says President Obama Was Born in Kenya, Likens First Lady to ‘Black Widow’

Remember not too long ago when Dave Mustaine seemed to be offending everyone on the planet with a slew of controversial comments? The legendary Megadeth frontman has been relatively quiet as of late, but we may have just been experiencing the eye of the storm, as Mustaine has once again claimed that President Obama was born in Kenya, Michelle Obama wore a dress that purposely made her look like a

DISTURBED’s David Draiman Could Have Saved The Music Industry

You may have heard by now that Disturbed frontman has let the cat out of the bag that the band is going on an indefinite hiatus after they complete their current touring commitments. But it doesn't end there. Draiman has been on a rampage as of late, speaking his mind freely on Twitter, WHERE HE …

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