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Gorgoroth Announce New Vocalist After Firing Thomas ‘Pest’ Kronenes

Infamous Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth have announced the departure of yet another vocalist. Singer Thomas ‘Pest’ Kronenes was recently kicked out of the band by founding member and guitarist Roger ‘Infernus’ Tiegs as declared in an official statement released by Gorgoroth on Aug. 21. Gorgoroth have gone through a ton of musicians during their 20-year career, with seven drummers, seven bassists and four lead vocalists having been with the

Brandon Boyd of Incubus Open To ‘Sneaking Onstage’ with Linkin Park During Honda Civic Tour

As Incubus and Linkin Park gear up to co-headline the 2012 Honda Civic Tour, frontmen Brandon Boyd and Chester Bennington have gone on record to rave about the love and respect they have for each other’s band. Given the deep history of both bands and the two finally joining forces to tour together after so many years of success, many fans are wondering if any onstage collaborations may fall into

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