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Corey Taylor’s ‘House of Gold & Bones’ Comics: Reveal of Issue No. 1 Pages + Issue No. 3 Cover Art

Dark Horse Comics – ‘HOGAB’ No. 3 Variant Cover Stone Sour ‘s ‘House of Gold & Bones’ period of their career is becoming more and more impressive as its multidimensional aspects continue to be revealed through various mediums. Along with the concept taking form of a double album, ‘House of Gold & Bones’ is taking shape as a four-issue comic book series created by frontman Corey Taylor . Pieces of the first and second comic have already been revealed, and Loudwire is proud to premiere a terrifying taste of issue No. 1 along with a pair of covers for issue No. 3. Written entirely by Stone Sour / Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor, the ‘House of Gold & Bones’ comic book series is inspired by the Stone Sour double album of the same name, ‘Part 1′ of which was released on Oct. 22 of last year. ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 2′ is scheduled to drop on April 9, with the record’s first single, ‘Do Me a Favor,’ having already been unleashed for your listening pleasure. As for the comics, the series tells a gripping story. “Trapped in an alternate reality,” begins an official description, “the Human must make his way to the House of Gold & Bones as he is chased by a crazed mob, and taunted by mysterious ally, Allen. What the Human discovers on his journey will be his salvation . . . or his destruction.” ‘House of Gold & Bones’ No. 1 will be available on April 17, and is available for pre-order at this link . Meanwhile, issue No. 2 will see a May 22 release date. The  pre-order link  for No. 2 was  tweeted  out by Stone Sour yesterday. There is not yet a fixed date for the third comic to come out, but the exclusive cover, drawn by Jason Shawn Alexander, and the variant cover, created by Steve Morris, are set in ink in the images below. Just like previous artwork revealed for the comics, the ‘House of Gold & Bones’ pages are stunning visually. In pages 8-10 of Issue No. 1 (seen below), the comic’s protagonist is depicted bursting into a small room while on the run from a dark and mystical shadow, which takes form in different humanoid shapes. The final teaser page from the third ‘House of Gold & Bones’ comic ends with the smoke sitting in a chair across from its terrified victim, sparking a match in frightening fashion. In our recent video interview with Corey Taylor, he spoke in depth about the graphic depiction of the ‘House of Gold & Bones’ double album. “I think it’s gonna appeal to people who like a really good story,” says Taylor, “like a mystery, trying to piece together puzzles and whatnot. And I just think it’s a great visual representation of the short story I wrote for the albums.” Check out these exclusive pieces of Dark Horse Comics’ ‘House of Gold & Bones’ issues No. 1 + No. 3: ‘House of Gold and Bones’ Comic No. 1 – Page 8 Dark Horse Comics ‘House of Gold and Bones’ Comic No. 1 – Page 9 Dark Horse Comics ‘House of Gold and Bones’ Comic No. 1 – Page 10 Dark Horse Comics ‘House of Gold and Bones’ Issue No. 3 Cover Dark Horse Comics ‘House of Gold and Bones’ Issue No. 3 Variant Cover Dark Horse Comics Previously Unveiled Covers for Issues No. 1 and No. 2 ? [button href=”” title=”Next: Corey Taylor Talks Stone Sour, Favorite Childhood Swear Words + More” align=”center”]

Dave Grohl Shares Admiration for ‘Sound City’ Collaborators Corey Taylor + Paul McCartney

Michael N. Todaro / Jason Merritt / Larry Busacca, Getty Images The ‘Sound City’ documentary gave Dave Grohl a chance to work with a who’s who of music, while also showcasing the legendary Sound City studio and using the board that’s been responsible for creating so many great albums. Among Grohl’s collaborators were Paul McCartney and Corey Taylor , who appear on the first two singles from the ‘Sound City’ soundtrack, and the musician-turned-director has spoken more about both pairings. Joining Taylor on Los Angeles’ ‘ Kevin & Bean ‘ morning show, Grohl stated that he was a little starstruck by his ‘ From Can to Can’t ‘ collaborator. He explains, “When I first met [ Slipknot ‘s] Corey [Taylor] or the guys from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, those are bands that I really love and I spent a lot of time listening to their music and when you meet that person in the flesh, you get a little nervous.” As for Taylor and his take on working with Grohl, the singer explained, “You want to talk about a checkmark off my bucket list, I’ve been wanting to work with Dave forever. When he invited me to be a part of this movie, it was like, ‘Oh, by the way, I’ve got this music, would you like to put this together?,’ and I just went, ‘(scream) Duh, I’m already in the car on my way.’” Arguably the biggest name on the album is Paul McCartney, and Grohl considers himself lucky to have ingratiated himself over the years to where he can just call the musician. Of the collaboration on ‘ Cut Me Some Slack ,’ Grohl recalls, “As we were filming all these performances, I was like, ‘Hey dude, why don’t you come down and jam?’ He’s like, ‘OK.’ So he comes down and brings THE BASS that he’s played for 40 years and the Les Paul that there’s only four of in the world and then he brings this guitar made out of a cigar box. It’s called a Cig Fiddle, and he’s like, ‘Oh, I think I’ll play this. Why don’t you go play the drums?’ … and we just jammed. We wrote this song in about an hour and we recorded it.” He added that it was McCartney that spurred the decision to debut it at the 12-12-12 benefit concert, suggesting that they play the song that he and Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear had jammed out eight months prior. One thing that’s a common denominator in how records were made at Sound City and for the movie’s soundtrack was the human element. Grohl says, “[What it’s all about is] the human element of music and what it’s like to just get together with a person and write a song in a room in a day and it doesn’t have to be perfect, but that’s how the magic happens.” The ‘Sound City’ documentary made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival  Friday night (Jan. 18) and the movie will screen in theaters  beginning Jan. 31. [button href=”” title=”Next: See the ‘Sound City’ Cast + Soundtrack Contributors” align=”center”]

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