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Josh Todd on Buckcherry’s Tour With Kid Rock: ‘It’s a Perfect Combination’

Liz Ramanand, Loudwire / Mary Ouellette, Buckcherry are set out to hit the road with Kid Rock for a U.S. arena tour across in support of their upcoming album ‘Confessions,’ due February 19. When we recently spoke with Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd he reminisced about the last time he toured with Kid Rock. “We toured with him back on our first record with Fuel and Kid Rock’s awesome,” Todd told Loudwire. “I remember the first time I met him, it was at the Sapphire Supper Club in Florida this little place and I think he was in an RV at the time – this was before ‘Bawitdaba’ took off.” Todd adds, “He just remained the same guy from then to now and that’s why I really like him. He’s just a cool guy, he’s my type of person and we’re all really looking forward to playing with him. He just does what he wants to do and that’s what Buckcherry’s all about so I think it’s a perfect combination, a rocking tour.” The singer and father also spoke about the one thing he had to have on tour with him. “I got into this thing where my youngest daughter — if I have something of hers, it’s good luck to me.” He continues, “I have this little skull barrette she used to wear and that’s always in my toiletries bag where my Q-Tips are. So every day I have to open it up to use a Q-Tip, I see it and I smile and I think about her and just feel good.” The Buckcherry / Kid Rock tour kicks off Feb. 2 in Kansas City, Mo. For a full list of dates, go here . [button href=”” title=”Next: Josh Todd Talks New Buckcherry Single ‘Gluttony'” align=”center”]

Andrew W.K. Promotes Uniqueness at Ohio-Based ‘My Little Pony’ Convention

Cindy Ord, Getty Images It’s never a surprise to see Andrew W.K . popping up in the most unexpected places with his ‘Party Hard’ mentality and endless source of party tips for friends and fans. However, his latest public appearance at the ‘My Little Pony’ convention was certainly a unique one. Each year the fans and followers of ‘My Little Pony’ gather for their annual ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ Convention, and this year, Andrew W.K. served on a panel at the convention in Strongsville, Ohio. Andrew W.K. is never short on inspiring words and his message for the fans was one of individuality and joy, saying, “The amount of joy being conjured up in this room … it will spread through the whole universe. You should feel proud of that; that’s a real achievement.” He also commented on the inclusive nature of the event and the overall acceptance he felt right away. “It’s a humbling experience … to be a part of something, even if it’s like a neighborhood,” said Andrew W.K. “It doesn’t mean you’re giving up a part of yourself. We choose to get together and celebrate our uniqueness.” The ‘My Little Pony’ franchise began in the early ‘80s with the line of pony doll figurines geared towards young girls and has carried on with cartoons and animated features including the latest televised series ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.’ Strangely enough, according to Rolling Stone , a subculture of older teen men and adults who watch the show referred to as ‘bronies’ made up the majority of the attendees in Andrew W.K.’s panel. [button href=”” title=”Next: Andrew W.K.: Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs” align=”center”]

Aaron Lewis Tries to Avoid Getting Staind with Mud at Arkansas Festival

When conditions deteriorate at shows, sometimes it can be a bit of a free-for-all, and that’s what happened in Little Rock, Ark., this past Saturday (Aug. 18) at Edgefest VIII, when several fans took advantage of the rain-soaked ground from earlier in the day and started tossing mud clumps at the acts playing onstage. Blabbermouth reports that Staind vocalist Aaron Lewis was one of the artists who didn’t take to

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