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Fozzy vs. Linkin Park – Cage Match

Fozzy beat Papa Roach in the last Cage Match but can frontman Chris Jericho and his gang do it again against today’s multiplatinum opponent? Linkin Park enter the Cage Match with their latest single ‘Lost in the Echo’ off of their new disc ‘Living Things,’ which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Linkin Park are set to co-headline the Honda Civic tour with Incubus. For a full

Linkin Park, ‘Lost in the Echo’ – Song Review

Linkin Park may have built it all, just to burn it back down with their lead single from the ‘Living Things‘ album, but out of the ashes of ‘Burn It Down‘ remains the flickering, echoing synth work driving the sound of ‘Lost in the Echo,’ their latest single from the album. The group recently teased the release with a new lyric video for the album opener, and have made good on

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