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Soundgarden, ‘Been Away Too Long’ Video – Exclusive Sneak Peek For a long while,  Soundgarden had ‘been away too long,’ to borrow the title of the band’s latest single, but now they’re back and building up steam for the release of their new album ‘King Animal’ on Nov. 13. Speaking of their single ‘ Been Away Too Long ,’ the band is teaming up with Loudwire to offer you an exclusive sneak peek of the song’s official music video (watch below). This particular snippet of the video centers on a young woman who garners the attention of two dogs that begin to pursue her through the hallways and corridors of what appears to be an abandoned building. What does it all mean? We’ll have to wait until Friday (Nov. 9) to see the premiere of the full ‘Been Away Too Long’ music video on VEVO to get the complete answer. Meanwhile, ‘King Animal’ arrives in stores on Tuesday, but the band recently offered a free stream of the album to give fans an advance listen. The disc is currently available for preorder at iTunes . In support of the album’s release, Soundgarden are making a  handful of November promo stops . The group just announced three intimate shows in New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles. In addition, they’re performing a song on ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ on Monday, Nov. 12, as well as a full concert for the ‘Live on Letterman’ webcast that night. Watch a Sneak Peek of Soundgarden’s ‘Been Away Too Long’ Video [Exclusive] [button href=”” title=”Next: 10 Best Soundgarden Songs” align=”center”]

New Sevendust Song Gives Anthrax Singer Joey Belladonna Goosebumps

YouTube Powerful music often elicits involuntary responses. A smile. The chills. Goosebumps. Tears. You can’t fight the response that your body and your heart have to a quality, high impact song. Anthrax frontman Joey Belladonna is no different than the rest of us when it comes to his response to music. He was so moved by the new Sevendust song ‘Blackout’ that he got goosebumps and almost cried. Sevendust are currently recording their new album in New Jersey and they have shared many a video update on the process, looping fans into the Sevendust way. In this particular clip, Belladonna is on site, seated, listening to the music in the studio, staring intently, absorbing every note while nodding along to the melody. He is surrounded by singer Lajon Witherspoon and drummer Morgan Rose. He makes the grim metal face for a hot second, and then shows his arms, indicating that he has goosebumps or that the babyfine hairs are standing on end as a result of listening to the song. That’s power! He then says, “That makes me cry” and wipes his eye. We don’t full on see the vocalist shed a tear, but he is visibly moved by the song, which is reportedly about the passing of guitarist Clint Lowery’s father. It’s refreshing to see a musical icon like Belladonna have such a genuine reaction to a song. The video also reveals that Sevendust’s new album should arrive in April 2013. Watch Joey Belladonna in the Studio With Sevendust

Slash Defends Lindsay Lohan’s Honor Following Hit-and-Run Arrest

Tim Whitby / Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images Actress  Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the law again, thanks to a late-night hit-and-run that left a New York pedestrian with a wounded leg and earned Lohan another trip to the hoosegow on Wednesday (Sept. 19). But if Slash is to be believed, the whole thing is a big misunderstanding. The legendary guitarist took to Twitter to express his support for Lohan, claiming that “The situation last night w/Lindsey was a lame paparazzi stunt” and insisting, “She didn’t do anything. it’s being blown out of proportion.” Lohan had attended Slash’s show at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom earlier that night (check out our  review + photo gallery of the gig). As TMZ points out, paparazzi weren’t involved in this particular incident, and Slash wasn’t even present when it occurred, so while his tweet is certainly the 21st-century equivalent of gallant, we may want to take it with a grain of salt. On the other hand, he was with Lohan immediately prior to the accident, and can therefore counter claims that, as TMZ put it, she “reeked of booze” when she clipped a pedestrian with her car. The NYPD’s version of events actually backs this up; according to the New York Daily News , police didn’t administer a Breathalyzer at the scene, and they “don’t think she was impaired” — but she’s still being charged with leaving the scene of an accident. [button href=”” title=”Next: Slash Concert Review + Photo Gallery” align=”center”] ?

Woman Arrested For Continually Blasting AC/DC Anthem ‘Highway to Hell’

There’s an old saying that if it’s too loud, you’re too old. We’re not so sure this adage applies to the New Hampshire town in this particular case, where a woman was arrested after blaring AC/DC‘s anthem ‘Highway to Hell’ at 1AM. Joyce Coffey, 53, was arrested four times in a week for offenses like blaring music at all hours of the day and hitting her nephew with a frying

Metallica Add $5 Vancouver Show to Finish Filming Live Portion of 3D Concert Film

Metallica already have concerts scheduled for Friday (Aug. 24) and Saturday (Aug. 25) at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, to film their upcoming 3D movie. Now, they’ve added a special show on Monday, Aug. 27 to shoot the final live portion of the film. Since this particular show will require lots of breaks during the set for the director to set up cameras, Metallica are offering tickets to the

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