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Hollywood Undead Unveil ‘Notes From the Underground’ Album Artwork + Track Listing

A&M / Octone The return of Hollywood Undead is upon us, as the band has now revealed the artwork and track listing for their forthcoming ‘Notes From the Underground’ album. The latest news follows the recent revelation that the disc would arrive on Jan. 8 and the current success of the new single, ‘We Are.’ The band recently announced that they were shooting a video for the track with Slipknot ‘s Shawn “Clown” Crahan stepping behind the camera to film the clip . As for the artwork (seen to the left), it offers the look of a weathered book with stenciled orange lettering set against a solid red backdrop with an image of a bird carrying its prey. The disc itself consists of 11 new tunes, led by ‘ We Are .’ One of the band’s vocalists, Johnny 3 Tears, recently stated of the track and its background, “The song is about collective resistance. It’s the silent majority, but we’re using Los Angeles as the backdrop. Every time we work with Danny [Lohner], he takes our music to the next level. He’s willing to go as far outside the box as we are. As a whole, it’s a good introduction to ‘Notes From The Underground’ because it encompasses the band idealistically. Think of it as an ode to our misled youth.” The set also features the lead off track, ‘Dead Bite,’ which the band already previewed, as well as such standouts as ‘Another Way Out’ and ‘Believe.’ The full track listing is provided below. Hollywood Undead, ‘Notes From the Underground’ Track List: 1. ‘Dead Bite’ 2. ‘From the Ground’ 3. ‘Another Way Out,’ 4. ‘Lion’ 5. ‘We Are’ 6. ‘Pigskin’ 7. ‘Rain’ 8. ‘Kill Everyone’ 9. ‘Believe’ 10. ‘Up in Smoke’ 11. ‘Outside’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Watch a Hollywood Undead ‘Notes From the Underground’ Webisode” align=”center”]

Win an Ill Nino ‘Epidemia’ Prize Pack!

Victory Records Ill Nino are back and rocking as loud as ever with their latest album ‘Epidemia,’ and we’re happy to team with the band to offer you the chance to win an Ill Nino prize package. It consists of an autographed ‘Epidemia’ CD, an Ill Nino t-shirt, a bandana and a poster featuring the band members. Singer Cristian Machado recently told Loudwire about the disc, “The recording of ‘Epidemia’ was definitely an amazing experience. We’ve set the bar higher than ever before. I truly believe this record is one of Ill Niño’s best efforts. I really can’t wait for our fans to hear the new record. I know it will connect with many of them on a new level. I can definitely say it’s going to be a crusher but will not lack any of the beauty and passion that appears on our early records.” Machado recently stated that this was the time for the band to redefine Latin metal, while the band’s drummer Dave Chavarri spoke about how they dove deeper into Latin and tribal rhythms on this release. The group is off to a solid start with the single ‘La Epidemia’ and the new video for the track. The ‘Epidemia’ album is out now and can be purchased through Victory Records or iTunes online. But you can also possibly win the Ill Nino ‘Epidemia’ prize pack. All you need to do is simply enter your details in the contest box below: Ill Nino ‘Epidemia’ Prize Pack Enter your e-mail address and t-shirt size for a chance to win an autographed ‘Epidemia’ CD, an Ill Nino t-shirt, a bandana and a poster featuring the band members. Contest ends Dec. 2, 2012. Click here for official rules . By entering this contest, you will receive email newsletters from Loudwire and be added to the Ill Nino mailing list. You may unsubscribe at any time. Email T-Shirt Size

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