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Foo Fighters Play Unplugged for Apple iPhone 5 Launch Party

While products like the iPod Touch or Nano may be tiny, it’s rare that the folks at Apple do anything concerning the launch of their products small. So with that in mind it should be of no surprise that they were able to secure one of the biggest rock bands in the land, the Foo Fighters, to play the Apple iPhone 5 launch party Wednesday (Sept. 12). Following the new

Black Sabbath’s U.S. Return Rules Night One at Lollapalooza

It was a hot Midwestern night at Lollapalooza in Chicago, but that didn’t deter a frenzied crowd from showing their support for metal legends Black Sabbath, who made their U.S. return Friday night (Aug. 3) at Grant Park. Though the Black Keys, one of the biggest concert draws going these days, were playing opposite Sabbath on the other main stage, the metal godfathers more than held their own with the

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