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How to Destroy Angels Unveil ‘Welcome Oblivion’ Artwork, Track Listing + ‘How Long?’ Video

Columbia / Null Corporation How to Destroy Angels have a wealth of new details concerning their first full-length album today. While we already knew that the album from Trent Reznor ‘s band would be titled ‘ Welcome Oblivion ‘ and would be arriving on March 5, the group has now revealed the artwork (seen at left) and a full track listing for the new disc. Included in the new album are several tracks from the band’s recent EP, ‘ An Omen ,’ including the past singles ‘ Keep It Together ,’ ‘ Ice Age ‘ and ‘The Loop Closes.’ The EP’s ‘On the Wing’ also makes an appearance on the album, as well. How to Destroy Angels intend on releasing the disc in both CD and vinyl formats, with the latter including the bonus cuts ‘The Province of Fear’ and ‘Unintended Consequences.’ In addition, How to Destroy Angels have unveiled ‘How Long?’ as their latest single. The Mariqueen Maandig-led track is more of a moody, contemplative cut from the point of view of someone trying to move beyond a troubled past without unveiling themselves to others. The group also revealed a futuristic video for the track directed by Shynola. In the clip, a young man appears left to fend for himself amidst a treacherous and dark landscape until he happens upon another man just trying to survive as well. The video may be seen below. How to Destroy Angels are expected to tour in support of their upcoming release and will make their live debut at Coachella . Watch How to Destroy Angels’ ‘How Long?’ Video How to Destroy Angels ‘Welcome Oblivion’ Track Listing: CD: 1. ‘The Wake-Up’ 2. ‘Keep It Together’ 3. ‘And the Sky Began to Scream’ 4. ‘Welcome Oblivion’ 5. ‘Ice Age’ 6. ‘On the Wing’ 7. ‘Too Late, All Gone’ 8. ‘How Long?’ 9. ‘Strings and Attractors’ 10. ‘We Fade Away’ 11. ‘Recursive Self-Improvement’ 12. ‘The Loop Closes’ 13. ‘Hallowed Ground’ Vinyl: 1. ‘The Wake-Up’ 2. ‘Keep It Together’ 3. ‘And the Sky Began to Scream’ 4. ‘Ice Age’ 5. ‘Welcome Oblivion’ 6. ‘On the Wing’ 7. ‘Too Late, All Gone’ 8. ‘The Province of Fear’ 9. ‘How Long?’ 10. ‘Strings and Attractors’ 11. ‘Recursive Self-Improvement’ 12. ‘Unintended Consequences’ 13. ‘We Fade Away’ 14. ‘The Loop Closes’ 15. ‘Hallowed Ground’ [button href=”” title=”Next: Trent Reznor Offers Insight Into How to Destroy Angels” align=”center”]

Stone Sour Drummer Roy Mayorga Discusses Recovery from Stroke

Facebook: Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) Stone Sour are enjoying some of their greatest success to date with the two-part album ‘House of Gold & Bones,’ and drummer Roy Mayorga is very happy to be part of it. Back in 2011, Mayorga suffered a stroke and there was concern about whether or not he would be able to continue, but the musician is happy to report he’s recovered. Mayorga tells the Lehigh Valley Morning Call that doctors revealed that his years of violent head-banging led to a dissected artery that caused the stroke. The drummer added that there was “a good seven, eight months” where he was not playing music, and that he was having trouble moving his left side. But rather than replace him, the group called off their tour and waited a year while he recovered. Speaking about his bandmates, Mayorga stated, “That’s incredible. I mean, that’s a lot to be said for them. Those guys are truly my brothers, for them to do something like that … Most bands would have gotten somebody else to play drums, but they didn’t.” Over time, the improvement began. “I got off the meds and got the confidence again to play drums and got behind the kit and then started recording this new album,” explained Mayorga. “Almost two years later, I’m pretty much back to normal, and it’s a miracle, man, I gotta say. I thank God and the universe and lucky stars I’m still here today. I’m just glad that’s over with and I’m able to still walk and play drums and be here with my family.” As for the new record, the drummer says this was the most collaborative effort the band has enjoyed to date. “We all wrote everything together and we all brought songs individually to the table, but once we got them all, we just took them apart and put them back together again and each and every one of us put our own stamp on it,” explained Mayorga. The first part of the ‘ House of Gold & Bones ‘ album is out now, with the latter half expected in April . [button href=”” title=”Next: Stone Sour Win 2012 Loudwire Music Awards Rock Band of the Year” align=”center”]

Trapt’s ‘Reborn’ Album Moves to 2013 Release

Amanda Edwards, Getty Images Trapt had the best of intentions to get fans new music before the end of the year, but they’ve decided to push the ‘ Reborn ‘ collection to a Jan. 22 street date. The disc was initially slated for a Nov. 20 release, but both Amazon and Alternative Addiction note the album release change. The band signed with Epochal Artist Records, and will be releasing the album in association with EMI. The disc is expected to arrive in both standard and deluxe editions, with the latter package including five acoustic versions of songs on the album, plus the previously unreleased fan-favorite track ‘Avelyn.’ Singer Chris Taylor Brown played a large role in the recording of the album, serving as co-producer on the disc with Matt Thorne. He says of the effort, “This record is really a new sound for Trapt. With ‘Reborn’ we really wanted to use new sounds and textures as well as experiment with other techniques we have learned over the years or have heard in our influences. Lyrically, this album is as deep and thoughtful as any album that Trapt has done in the past.” The group is definitely psyched about the single, ‘Bring It,’ and recently shot a video for the song. Photos from the video shoot can be seen here and here . The band knocked out two videos at once, with ‘Love Hate Relationship’ also getting the treatment. Both songs are currently available as a double-single bundle at iTunes . The group is currently out on tour starting to build the buzz for their new record. Their current trek runs through the end of November.

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