Testament Guitarist Alex Skolnick Kicks Off ‘Louder Education’ Web Series

David Livingston, Getty Images For many metalheads, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick is considered one of the greatest of all time. As one of the most talented and sonically diverse guitarists in music today, Skolnick possesses the skills of a master metal, jazz and symphonic artist, which is why he’s the perfect teacher and host for the new series ‘Louder Education.’ Established by Metal Injection and Peavey, ‘Louder Education’ is hosted at Tomato’s House of Rock (T.H.O.R.) in New York City. Along with Skolnick, ‘Louder Education’ is co-hosted by Chris ‘Tomato’ Harfenist and is attended by the T.H.O.R. students, a collective group of young musicians looking to hone their creative abilities. The first episode of ‘Louder Education’ features Charred Walls of the Damned drummer Richard Christy , who also had legendary runs playing with Iced Earth and Death . Additionally, Christy can be heard on the Howard Stern Show as an on-air personality and master prank caller. The drummer shares his life’s story as a musician, including how he was recruited to play for Death, living life on the road + much more. As is if this wasn’t cool enough for the T.H.O.R. students to witness, some of the kids even got the opportunity to jam Death’s classic track ‘Crystal Mountain’ with Richard Christy manning the drums. Check out the first episode of ‘Louder Education’ and check back for more installments on MetalInjection.com . ‘Louder Education’ Episode 1

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Testament Guitarist Alex Skolnick Kicks Off ‘Louder Education’ Web Series

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