Testament to Record Live Album in New York For 2013 Release

Facebook: Testament Testament are undoubtedly one of metal’s greatest live acts. Brandishing nearly unparalleled power throughout their live shows, Testament simply cannot be ignored when they take the stage. It’s been a few years since the thrash legends released a live album, the latest being ‘Live at Eindhoven ’87′ in 2009, but after the success of the band’s 2012 full-length, ‘Dark Roots of Earth,’ it only makes sense that Testament will be taping a new live record on Feb. 15. Testament boasts one of metal’s finest lineups when it comes to pure talent, with Chuck Billy on vocals, Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson on guitars, Greg Christian on bass and the ‘Atomic Clock’ Gene Hoglan on drums. It would truly be a crime not to own a solid piece of history from this particular Testament lineup, so luckily, before the end of 2013, a new live album from the Bay Area thrashers will hit the shelves. “We haven’t shot a live DVD or CD since our Live in London release and we’ve had two killer albums since then,” comments Testament’s towering vocalist Chuck Billy. “We thought it would be cool to put out a live DVD/CD focusing on the last three records (‘The Gathering,’ ‘The Formation of Damnation’ and ‘Dark Roots of Earth’) mixed in with a good amount of classics too. Last time we recorded anything live in America was for Live at the Fillmore on the West Coast. This time we thought we’d give the East Coast a chance to show the world how crazy and loud they can be. We’re going to be playing an extra-long 17 – 18 song set, which will be our lengthiest set of the tour. Let’s see all you thrashers stirring it up out there and singing along! See ya!” Testament are currently touring throughout North America with fellow thrash veterans Overkill . If you’re in the Long Island, N.Y. area, make sure to check out Testament at the Paramount on Feb. 15 to witness the making of the band’s live album in person! For Testament and Overkill’s full tour schedule, click here . [button href=”http://loudwire.com/testament-chuck-billy-touring-creating-music/” title=”Testament’s Chuck Billy Talks Touring, Creating Music + More” align=”center”]

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Testament to Record Live Album in New York For 2013 Release

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