Velvet Revolver Drummer Matt Sorum Discusses Band Uncertainty

John Shearer, Getty Images Drummer Matt Sorum looks upon his tenure with Velvet Revolver as some of the best times of his career, but he definitely has some reservations about whether the band will continue. Speaking with ‘Source of the Sound With Wendy Campbell’ (audio below), Sorum initially referred to the band in past tense while using the term “broke up,” before correcting his wording and explaining, “I can’t say we’ve broken up because it’s a hiatus.” When asked about the possibility of continuing with former frontman Scott Weiland , he moved on from the notion quickly and changed the topic to Slash and his satisfaction with his current band. Sorum explained, “I think Slash is really kind of happy being Slash and not really dealing with the drama of being in a band. He’s the leader of his band and they go on stage on time and they play songs. And I’ve gotta kind of respect Slash for that, because he spent most of his career waiting around for people to show up. [laughs] [So he wants to just] go out on the road and have a nice easy go of it. Get on a tour bus [with] a new band, play songs. I totally respect that.” Sorum says of his time with the band, “Velvet Revolver, in my opinion, was a miracle, in a way. Because here we are, guys in our 40s, putting together a band that’s gonna be [perceived] as a modern rock and roll band. And we achieved that. We were competing against much younger guys, we had a huge success with it. I got my first Grammy, which was amazing and it was really, for me, one of the highlights of my life, because number one, I was an original member for the first time ever; I was always the guy that came in and took somebody’s place. Velvet Revolver [consisted of] guys that I already played with before, but it was considered a new band.” Though Velvet Revolver continues to be on hold, Sorum hasn’t let it stop his musical pursuits. He’s been working with a group of rock vets called Kings of Chaos, and also taking on more production roles of late. He recently finished a record with Diamond Baby and is heading into the studio to oversee another band’s record. Sorum also turns up on the ‘ Re-Machined ‘ Deep Purple tribute album. Listen to Matt Sorum Discussing Velvet Revolver [button href=”” title=”Next: Duff McKagan Discusses Velvet Revolver Singer Search” align=”center”]

Velvet Revolver Drummer Matt Sorum Discusses Band Uncertainty

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