Vendetta-Feed the extermination

Massacre 2012 Germany’s Vendetta came out in the late 80’s when thrash was heating up. They knocked out a pair of decent albums and then broke up not too long after that. Fast forward to just a few years ago and they reformed and knocked out “Hate” on 2007. Now they are back again with ten new songs. This is a mix of old school thrash, some classic metal edges and even few layers of more modern metal here and there. Despite hailing from Germany I always felt that Vendetta owed more to the Bay area sound from our shores than they did to the thrash scene from their country.

That is still the case as this album has far more Metallica and others than say Kreator, Sodom or any other German thrash act. Where this band excels is in creating some instantly likable and catchy riffs. You start with those and you get the listeners attention and that is a sound approach that works here. Off the top of my head I would say that “Cancer”,”Storage of anger” and “Trust in God” has some of the best main riffs and are prime examples of how this band can capture your attention early on. They don’t hold back and obviously their experience comes into play here and they could sure show some younger bands a thing or too.

So if you want driving riffs and solid vocals you get that, but don’t expect Vendetta to go beyond that style. There are not a lot of solos or much of any attempt to progress beyond a limited sound. Maybe I didn’t expect that, but there are a lot thrash bands both young and old playing this style and to get noticed a band probably has to push ahead a little more. This is still a likable album, but not really impressive enough to be anything special.



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