Zakk Wylde Unveils Video Teaser For ‘Guitar Apprentice’ Instructional Video Series

Mary Ouellette, Zakk Wylde ’s new signature edition guitar instruction collection titled ‘Guitar Apprentice’ is now available exclusively at Guitar Centers in the U.S. as of Oct. 1 and now the leader of the Black Label Society has released a humorous clip to promote his rock ‘n’ roll lessons. Recorded live at Wylde’s on Black Vatican studio in Los Angeles, Calif. ‘Guitar Apprentice’ takes a song and methodically breaks it down to fifteen different levels of playing so anyone can follow along. Starting with one chord, users work their way up to playing all the guitar parts including all headbanging solos, but at their own pace. The set offers detailed explanations of all the details from signature rhythm patterns to tones and even pedals and gear. In the clip below Wylde barks out ‘This ain’t no video game!’ to the camera, but it actually was a video game that inspired the project. Wylde told that when the developers of the project approached him they asked him what he thought about the ‘Guitar Hero’ video franchise. “I said it was awesome,” Wylde said. “Who knows – you could have the next Jimmy Page or Dimebag or Yngwie coming out of that thing. Some kid starts out on that, and eventually he says, ‘Man, I want to get a real guitar.’ That’s what you want to happen. To me, anything that promotes the guitar is good.” Wylde also noted that this isn’t easy, so be prepared. “We’re talking from a very beginner to being about to play the solo to f—ing ‘Crazy Horse’,” Wylde explained. “And you can do it, too, but you have to put in the hours. You’ve got to practice and get your technique together. But it’s all there, man.” Head over to for more information on the Zakk Wylde Signature Edition Guitar Apprentice. Watch Zakk Wylde’s Video Teaser for ‘Guitar Apprentice’

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Zakk Wylde Unveils Video Teaser For ‘Guitar Apprentice’ Instructional Video Series

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